How to Watch Jungle (2022) Outside New Zealand

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The six-part drama series Jungle will be available on Amazon Prime Video worldwide on 30th September 2022. But because Amazon Prime has location limitations and geo-blocking, the big puzzle is finding out how to watch Jungle (2022) outside New Zealand.

Location limits are simple blocking methods that streaming services use to limit their data to specific regions. However, they are easy to get around if you have a VPN with the right features. With the best NZ VPN, you can use Amazon Prime Video outside New Zealand to watch Jungle 2022.

Watch Jungle (2022) Outside New Zealand – Quick Steps

Here are some easy steps to watch Jungle (2022) outside New Zealand on Amazon Prime Video.

  • Get a VPN. ExpressVPN is recommended.
  • Install an app on your device.
  • Connect to a server in the UK.
  • Sign up for Amazon Prime to watch the new series.

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What is the plot of Jungle 2022 on Prime Video?

It sheds light on the often-overlooked world of the people who make music in the UK, a community united by shared hardships. Some of the best drill and UK rap artists in the country make appearances in the series, which tells its story through a combination of music and talk.

Through the lens of UK music, the six-partner documentary Jungle sheds light on the lives of random Londoners whose threads are unravelling.

It shows London from an entirely new angle, highlighting the difficulties and threats that many Londoners experience daily. Ultimately, every person in the story has to figure out what life’s all about.

When is the release date of Jungle on Amazon Prime?

On Friday, 30th September 2022, the debut of Jungle will air exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. It’s been two years, but Prime Video has the jungle series coming to its streaming service.

Each episode runs for 30 minutes, and all six will be removed simultaneously. Therefore, subscribers can choose to watch the drama in its entirety as soon as it is released.

Who is in the cast of Jungle (2022)?

In Jungle 2022 plot, actors and musicians from the UK’s rap and drill scenes mix well. The cast of Jungle, along with their respective roles, are listed below (2022).

Sr. No. Actors Characters
1. Poundz Marcus
2. Nadia A’Rubea Jessica
3. RA Slim
4. M24 61X
5. Madeline Appiah Vivian
6. Malick Bojang Shorty Gang Member
7. Kaine Buffonge Shorty Gang Member
8. Skore Beezy Stack’s Gang Member
9. Rendo Stack’s Gang Member
10. Ezra Elliott Gogo
11. IAMDDB Mia Mor$
12. Jaykae Willow
13. Seyi Andes-Pelumi Danial
14. Amaria Bb Bianca
15. K Koke Stacks
16. Skeamer Shorty
17. J Fado Chapo
18. Craig Peters Drug Dealer

How many episodes are there in Jungle on Amazon Prime?

Amazon’s original series Jungle, produced by Nothing Lost that comprises six 30-minute episodes, is set to launch in 200 territories. The jungle will be a musical drama featuring rap and drill music. So, Jungle will be filled to the brim with recognizable music talent from the get-go.

Is UK based series Jungle based on a true story?

Yes, the story is based on the true life of London. The series combines music, speech, cinematography, and design to create a slanted, timeless version of today’s world and a gripping, complex narrative. The series will include top grime and UK rappers and depict a distinct perspective of a familiar subject.

It depicts the city through fascinating graphics and illustrates the twists and turns of daily life in London’s streets to communicate a message about life’s worth.

What Else do we know about Prime Video’s Jungle?

Despite the widespread misunderstanding, it is a world ruled by a simple principle: only the strongest survive. As the strangers’ lives fall apart, they realize that no deed is without repercussion.

Jungle’s ultimate goal is to send a larger message about the value of life through its captivating visual portrayal of the city and its depiction of the various dangers of daily living in inner-city London.

Is there any trailer of Jungle on Prime Video?

Yes, a teaser for Jungle has been released on Prime Video, and it looks great: the film begins with a man saying, “If I stay here, I’m going to die!” Jungle will feature music prominently throughout the story. Click here to see the official trailer:

What is the recommended VPN to Watch Jungle (2022) Outside New Zealand?

ExpressVPN is the recommended VPN to watch Jungle (2022) outside New Zealand on Amazon Prime Video. ExpressVPN is widely used because of its high connection speeds and security. Those living in New Zealand who value online privacy and security should subscribe to ExpressVPN, one of the industry’s leading VPN services.

Here’s a detailed description of the VPN:

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Jungle (2022) Outside New Zealand

If you want to watch Jungle (2022) outside New Zealand yet value your privacy and anonymity, ExpressVPN is your best option.

ExpressVPN is a significant player in the VPN industry. They take your privacy seriously, with over 3000+ servers in 160 cities spanning 105 countries.


You may access additional US-blocked broadcast services in New Zealand, like Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, ESPN+, Apple TV, and so on, with the help of ExpressVPN software, which features a speed test tool for manually testing the servers.

Media Streamers, a feature exclusive to ExpressVPN, allows you to unblock regional restrictions on Prime Video by replacing your ISP’s DNS server with one hosted by ExpressVPN in New Zealand. Amazon Prime Video and many more may all be accessed with this innovative VPN service.

This novel VPN can unblock other excellent streaming channels like BBC iPlayer, Kayo SportsFoxtel9NowChannel 4, American Netflix, etc.

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If you sign up for a 12-month subscription to ExpressVPN, you’ll get three (3) free months and a 49% discount.

What Should I Watch on Amazon Prime in New Zealand (September 2022)?

There’s lots of new exciting content coming to watch on Amazon Prime in New Zealand, but since the platform is content based geo-restricted, you will be required to have a reliable VPN first to access Amazon Prime in any region.

Following are the events, movies and shows that are new on Amazon Prime in September 2022:

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Firebird (2022) The Outfit (2022)
Heatwave (2022) Prisma (2022)
Memory (2022) Jungle (2022)
My Best Friend’s Exorcism (2022)
Jungle (2022)


Is Jungle on Prime Video worth watching?

Yes, The Prime Video series Jungle offers a fresh take on urban life in London by tracing the entangled paths of a group of random Londoners against the backdrop of the city’s thriving rap and drill culture. In Jungle, we will follow the intertwining destinies of a diverse cast of London’s urban dwellers. As the season progresses, viewers watch how each character deals with unique challenges.

How can I watch Jungle in New Zealand?

You can watch amazon’s original series Jungle (2022) in New Zealand on Prime Video using ExpressVPN.

Who directed Prime Video’s Jungle?

Six episodes of a scripted series directed by Nothing Lost (Junior Okoli and Chas Appeti) will focus on the intertwining narratives of a diverse group of Londoners.


Accessing Jungle (2022) from outside New Zealand is a breeze if you have the finest VPN. The season premiere is something you don’t want to miss, so make sure you don’t by signing up for ExpressVPN. Now, you all know how to watch Jungle (2022) outside New Zealand.

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