How to Watch Lingo Season 1 in New Zealand

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Game shows like Lingo are widely popular and much-awaited all over the world, due to the success of the previous Lingo versions. You can now watch Lingo Season 1 in New Zealand, directly on Paramount Plus, with the help of the best NZ VPN service like ExpressVPN.

Paramount Plus is a geo-restricted platform and multiple licensing laws have been implemented on the service. This makes it difficult for users outside of the United States to access the platform. Fortunately, using the best Paramount Plus VPN can get you past all the geo-restrictions and let you stream Lingo Season 1 in New Zealand with ease.

Lingo Season 1 in New Zealand release date was 11th January 2023, and the first episode has officially premiered. But if you still want to check out the Lingo Season 1 trailer, read on:

How to Watch Lingo Season 1 in New Zealand – Easy Steps

Follow these easy steps to watch Lingo Season 1 in New Zealand:

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN (Recommended: ExpressVPN for its buffer-free streaming experience).
  • Download the VPN app onto your device and set the server location to the United States (Recommended server: New York).
  • Proceed to the official Paramount Plus website or the app, and sign in to your account.
  • Look for the title and watch Lingo Season 1 in New Zealand.

Where Can I Watch Lingo Season 1?

You can watch Lingo Season 1 with no issues, on Paramount Plus. Since Paramount Plus is an American streaming platform, you can not officially access the platform in New Zealand. To successfully access Paramount Plus in New Zealand, you will need a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN.

The platform also hosts multiple other hit shows and movies like Teen Wolf: The Movie on Paramount Plus for your entertainment.

When is Lingo Season 1 Coming on Paramount Plus?

The first episode of Lingo Season 1 premiered on Paramount+ on January 11, 2023. 

The Lingo season 1 release date brought a wave of excitement among avid game-show enthusiasts. Previous versions of the show exist, and the decision to renew the season was finally taken.

Quick Tip: Get started with the Paramount Plus free trial and catch up on the first episode for free in New Zealand!

What is Lingo Season 1 about?

Lingo is a popular game show, where contestants in different teams must compete to figure out a puzzle, in the form of a five-letter word. Guessing the correct word is essentially the plot of Lingo Season 1. The show has been remade over the years, with the latest one coming on Paramount Plus soon.

Other versions of Lingo include the 1978 version, the 2002 version, and various other bonus round versions.

Who are in the Lingo Season 1?

The contestants, who will be part of the teams competing in the game show will change regularly, with the teams and contestants changing regularly. 

Lingo Season 1 cast includes:

RuPaul as host and executive producer
Layla Smith as executive producer
Jilly Pearce as executive producer
Ed De Burgh as executive producer

Are all Lingo Season on Paramount Plus?

Only the first season of Lingo has been released and will be the only one available on Paramount Plus until more seasons are released. Out of the number of seasons of Lingo, only Lingo Season 1 has been announced and will be the only season of Lingo that will be made available on the streaming platform this year.

With this said, you must be eager to know Paramount Plus costs to start playing Lingo. The good news is that you can cancel Paramount Plus subscription whenever you like without paying any extra charges – so it’s a win-win!

How Many Episodes does Lingo Season 1 Have?

There is no official number of Lingo Season 1 episodes announced yet, although some inside sources have reported that the Lingo Season 1 would have six episodes. Previous versions of the show, like the 2011 Lingo version, had 40 episodes and ran for 22-26 minutes each.

Is there a trailer of Lingo Season 1?

Yes, there is a trailer for Lingo Season 1. The trailer is available on YouTube and is provided below. Get yourself in the game-show groove and watch Lingo Season 1 in New Zealand before watching the actual show.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Lingo Season 1 in New Zealand

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Lingo Season 1 in New Zealand, due to its buffers it provides buffer-free streaming and no server disconnections. The VPN includes over 3000+ servers worldwide, and 30+ US server locations.

To test ExpressVPN’s compatibility with Paramount Plus, we connected to the New York server and were given instant access to the platform. We used the opportunity to watch a few episodes of Mayor of Kingstown and Are you the One, which we streamed without any sort of buffering or lag.


You can watch Lingo Season 1 in New Zealand using ExpressVPN.

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Lingo Season 1


Does Paramount Plus have Lingo Season?

Yes, Paramount Plus has Lingo season, and the game show episodes can be watched on Paramount Plus from the 11th of January 2023.

Who has directed Lingo Season 1?

The director of Lingo Season 1 has still not been disclosed to the public. The executive producers, and host RuPaul Charles, are the only cast members that have been introduced so far.

What game is Lingo based on?

Lingo is based on the Wordle game, in which you have to guess a 5-letter word within 6 guesses.

Wrap Up

Watch Lingo Season 1 in New Zealand, and do not forget to play along.

ExpressVPN, the best VPN for Paramount Plus, will ensure that you are not troubled by any sort of geo-restrictions, and have a seamless viewing experience. You’ll be able to access Lingo Season 1 in New Zealand directly on Paramount Plus as all its episodes drop on the platform.

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