How to Watch Lootere Web Series in New Zealand

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Recently, the Bollywood series has consistently delivered top-notch movies of different kinds, and it has gotten the eyes of the international audience. And for that reason, most people want to watch Lootere Web Series in New Zealand, but geo-blocks might cause a little bit of hindrance.

Geo-blocks or location restrictions are methods implemented by most streaming platforms like Disney+ Hotstar in NZ to streamline their content to specific regions, but this can easily be bypassed. Follow our guide to find out how to use the best NZ VPN to watch Lootere in New Zealand.

Watch Lootere Web Series in New Zealand – Quick Steps

To watch Lootere web series in New Zealand, you must follow the 4-step process listed below to bypass the geo-blocks effectively.

  • Search for a suitable VPN. (ExpressVPN sits at the top of most people’s lists).
  • Check their subscription options and pick your preferred option.
  • Log into your VPN account, and connect to an Indian server in a restricted location.
  • Log into your Disney+ Hotstar account to stream the series.

Where to Watch Lootere Web Series in New Zealand?

You can watch Lootere on Hotstar regardless of your location as long you have a VPN. For people living in India, in alternative to Disney Hotstar, you can also watch the web series on Tubi TV, and while this option is free, ads are a common element.

What is the storyline of Lootere Web Series?

The main plot or story of the Lootere web series is adapted from a fictional fantasy thriller story based majorly on an Indian ship hijacked by Pirates along the coast of Somalia, but the major difference between the series and the novel is that the producers try to add more elements of aggressive temper and love to the series.

When is the release date of the Lootere Web Series on Disney Hotstar?

The series’ makers do not yet reveal the Lootere web series release date on Hotstar, but it is anticipated to be out by the end of this year. We will update this page with the release date as soon as it gets announced.

Who is in the cast of Lootere Web Series?

The Lootere web series cast doesn’t only just have actors based on skill but also on the fact that they would totally finesse the role and bring out the emotions in a unique way, and they include:

Rajat Kapoor, the main character of the series, and other cast members include; Vivek Gomber, Deepak Tijori, Chandan Roy Sanyal, and Amruta Khanvilkar.

How many episodes will Lootere Web Series have?

The number of episodes Lootere web series Hotstar is not confirmed yet by the showrunners, but as the norm with Jai Mehta, back-to-back blockbusters are already promised, and the story is as big as it could get. It is expected to have eight episodes.

Is there any trailer for Lootere Web Series?

Yes, and in no small qualification, the Lootere trailer is top-notch. While it is just a 42 seconds teaser trailer, there is enough intrigue and anticipation built by the creators, and by all metrics, it is going to be a blockbuster, and you can also watch the trailer here:

What Else Do We Know About Lootere Web Series?

Apart from the fact that, at the helm of the series, one of the best filmmakers, Hansal Mehta, is creating magnificent concepts that would blow your mind, using a strong and popular actor like Rajat Kapoor as the main character points to the looming success of the web series.

Is there a Tested VPN to Watch Lootere Web Series in New Zealand?

Yes, ExpressVPN is the tested VPN tp watch Lootere Web series in New Zealand. Continue reading to learn more about the unique capabilities possessed by ExpressVPN only and the ease of usage that is appealing to most people.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Lootere Web Series in New Zealand

Express VPN is frequently recognized as the best VPN for people who want to watch Lootere Web Series in New Zealand, and they are one of the world’s top VPN service providers with a good reputation.


They have the most servers in the world, with over 3000+ servers spread across 105 countries. Still, ExpressVPN was banned from India due to their refusal to release their users’ data to the government, which means that the only no-log policy VPN you can use in India. You may wonder how you can access Hotstar if there is no India server.

The answer is simple: you can connect to virtual servers routed to the United Kingdom and other locations.

It also employs a 256-ES Military grade encryption protocol, as well as other encryption models, to ensure the security of your data. The main feature is the Media Streamers, which unblocks any location-restricted titles, such as BBC iPlayer, Kayo SportsFoxtel9NowChannel 4, American Netflix, and many more in New Zealand.

A 12-month subscription costs NZ$10.91/mo (US$ 6.67/mo)- Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free, a 6-month subscription costs $9.99 per month, a single month costs $12.95 per month, and you can also make payments with cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Ethereum majorly).

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Where can I watch Lootere Web Series in New Zealand?

You can watch Lootere Web Series in New Zealand on Disney Hotstar as long as you have a working subscription and a VPN like ExpressVPN.

What is the genre of the Lootere web series?

The Lootere web series is categorized as a Thriller, and according to the showrunners, it would be a tale of greed, survival, terror, and chaos.

Is Lootere a web series based on a real story?

Yes, it is said to be a real story based on when a commercial Indian ship was hijacked off the coast of Somalia.

Who directed the Lootere web series?

The web series director is Jai Mehta, the son of Hansal Mehta, who helms the series.


We hope now you know how to watch Lootere Web Series in New Zealand using an ExpressVPN subscription. ExpressVPN can help you bypass the simple location restrictions and blocks preventing you from streaming.
So, just sit back, relax, get your popcorn popping, and enjoy. But most importantly, don’t forget to subscribe to ExpressVPN.

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