How to Watch Memory (2022) in New Zealand

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The trending action movie featuring Liam Neeson will be released on September 23 2022, and you can now watch Memory (2022) in New Zealand on Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime Video is blocked outside the US in certain regions due to content licensing rights. This makes it unavailable internationally.

However, the best NZ VPN can unblock the restrictions and give you access.

Watch Memory (2022) in New Zealand – Quick Steps

You can watch Memory (2022) in New Zealand with our quick steps using ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN tops our list of best servers that unblock restrictions on Amazon Prime Video without any buffering. Follow these steps to get started:

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  • Start watching Memory (2022) in New Zealand.

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What is the plot of the movie Memory?

The Memory (2022) plot is about Alex Lewis (Liam Neeson), a hired killer who has Alzheimer’s disease and is gradually losing his memories. His Mexico City contact is unwilling to hear that he wants to leave the company and retire so he can spend the remainder of his years in peace.

In El Paso, where the hitman was raised, he offers Lewis a large sum of money to murder two people. After killing the adult businessman who was his initial target, Lewis discovers that his second victim is a 13-year-old illegal immigrant orphan named Mia Sanchez.

Lewis becomes a target when he refuses to assassinate the girl. The film is a remake of The Memory of a Killer, a 2003 Belgian thriller. Alex is designed for retribution, but as his memory deteriorates, he is forced to doubt everything he does, making the distinction between good and wrong more blurry.

When is the release date of Memory on Amazon Prime?

The release date of Memory on Amazon Prime is the 23rd of September, 2022. However, the original release date was the 29th of April 2022. Open Road Films originally released it, and Briarcliff Entertainment released Memory in the US.

Martin Campbell is the director of the 2022 American action thriller Memory, which was written by Dario Scardapane. It is a remake of the Belgian film “The Alzheimer Case,” which was previously adapted from Jef Geeraerts’ book De Zaak Alzheimer.

In the movie, Alex, a skilled assassin, refuses to finish an assignment for a perilous criminal organization, making him a target. The investigation into the body trail involves FBI agents and Mexican intelligence, and it brings them closer to Alex.

Alex has the ability to remain ahead of the FBI and crime syndicate, but there is one thing holding him back: he is dealing with significant memory loss that affects every decision he makes. Every decision Alex takes must be questioned, as must his final level of trust.

Who is in the cast of Memory movie?

The Memory (2022) cast and their respective roles in the movie are listed as follows:

  • Liam Neeson starring as Alex Lewis
  • Guy Pearce starring as Vincent Serra
  • Monica Bellucci starring as Davana Sealman
  • Harold Torres starring as Hugo Marquez
  • Taj Atwal starring as Linda Amistead
  • Ray Fearon starring as Gerald Nussbaum
  • Daniel de Bourg starring as William Borden
  • Josh Taylor starring as Randy Sealman
  • Ray Stevenson starring as Detective Danny Mora
  • Lee Boardman starring as Mauricio
  • Louis Mandylor starring as Drunk broker
  • Stella Stocker starring as Maya
  • Natalie Anderson starring as Maryanne Borden
  • Atanas Srebrev starring as Dr. Joseph Myers

What happens at the end of Memory?

At the end of Memory (2022), Hugo was the one who killed Davana. He plotted with Linda to provide Vincent with an alibi while he finished the task Alex started since he was unwilling to allow another injustice to take place. He is untouchable because he is no longer a member of the task force. As the movie comes to an end, Hugo departs for Mexico.

Special Agent Linda Amistead and Detective Hugo Marquez became restless as the route to justice seemed to diminish due to high-status people hesitating or allowing their egos to get in the way. They claim that delivering justice is not always a simple process. Linda and Hugo carefully plan how to avenge Beatriz.

Alex survives the next gunfight and ends up killing his attacker by taping him inside a car before detonating it. Everyone at the FBI is prepared to kill Alex, but Alex’s plan to cover them both up deceives them, and they shoot the hostage instead.

Alex snatches at the opportunity to get into the car and stumbles through a recollection of his bakery and how it is spelled.

What did Linda say at the end of Memory movie?

At the end of the Memory (2022) movie, Linda recites the prayer of Saint Inez. Vincent looks at Linda in disbelief as she begins speaking in Spanish (the St. Inez prayer). Did you just provide an alibi for me? Vincent asks.

Linda answers with a knowing look, “Amen.” A man burns his garments and throws his knife into the flames in the desert. He removes his mask and burns it as well. Hugo was the perpetrator of Davana’s death.

He and Linda hatched a plan to give Vincent an alibi while he completed the work Alex started because he was unwilling to let another injustice take place. He is not under suspicion because he is no longer on the team. The movie ends with Hugo leaving to return to Mexico.

How long is Liam Neeson’s movie Memory 2022?

Liam Neeson’s movie Memory 2022 is 1hr 54m long. Liam Neeson’s character, Alex Lewis, is a skilled assassin with a reputation for subtly precise execution. Alex finds himself in a moral pickle when he is forced to carry out a task that goes against his moral code.

Where was Memory filmed?

Memory (2022) was filmed in Bulgaria and the United States, particularly Texas and Sofia. Major photography started on April 12, 2021, and finished after several months.

The cinematography was overseen by David Tattersall, the renowned cameraman of “The Green Mile” and “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.” Simultaneously, Arta Tozzi, who worked with Campbell on “The Protégé,” joined the team as the set decorator.

Is there any trailer of Memory movie?

Yes, there is a Memory (2022) trailer. As a remake of the 2003 Belgian thriller “The Memory of a Killer,” this trailer from director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) stars Liam Neeson as an assassin-for-hire who becomes a target after failing to carry out an assassination. Monica Bellucci and Emmy winner Guy Pearce are the co-stars.

What is the recommended VPN to Watch Memory (2022) in New Zealand?

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Is Memory the movie on prime video?

Yes, you can watch Memory (2022) on Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video costs $8/month in New Zealand.

How can I watch the Memory movie in New Zealand?

You can watch the Memory movie on Amazon Prime Video in New Zealand by using ExpressVPN.

Is Memory available on Amazon Prime?

Yes, Memory (2022) is available on Amazon Prime, and you can use ExpressVPN to access it in New Zealand.

Who is the little girl in the movie Memory?

The little girl in the movie Memory (2022) is Beatrice. She is 13 years old.


ExpressVPN will help you watch Memory (2022) in New Zealand. ExpressVPN removes the geo-restrictions on Amazon Prime Video and helps you stream movies in New Zealand. All you need to do is follow the steps provided above.

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