How to watch MLB World Series 2021 in New Zealand

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Watch MLB World Series in New Zealand

The Major League Baseball (MLB) 2021, has planned to feature the reigning champion Atlanta Braves, Los Angeles Dodgers, Houston Astros, and others, are shaping up to be one of the most compelling sports on television this autumn available to watch on MLB TV, ESPN, Fox, Hulu live TV, and others.

A total of 40 games is being played between October 5 and October 30. If the Fall Classic goes the full seven games, the activity won’t end until November 3. There will be plenty of playoff baseball to be played and streamed regardless of the final score.

If you are wondering how to watch MLB Playoffs and MLB World Series 2021 in New Zealand, there is no need to go further. Keep reading!

TLDR: How to watch MLB world series 2021 in New Zealand

Although Kiwi viewers can use MLB TV to watch the MLB world series 2021 in New Zealand, depending on their budget, we recommend ESPN to watch your favorite sports as it is the cheapest streaming option than MLB TV and Foxtel.

Moreover, to discover how to stream all the exciting matches of the MLB world series via ESPN in New Zealand, follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Buy a subscription to ExpressVPN
  2. Download the VPN app on your device and log in.
  3. Connect to an American server compatible with ESPN.
  4. Open the ESPN official website and login into your account
  5. You can now access your favorite sports and live coverage of MLB world series 2021

Where to watch MLB world series 2021?

The MLB varies from many other professional sports leagues in that it does not play only one game each week; instead, clubs compete five days a week, with Monday and Thursday being off days.

Each team plays 19 games against its four divisional opponents and the same amount of games versus opponents from another league’s division (National and American).


MLB TV is probably the greatest option for New Zealanders, as you can watch all games live and on-demand. They provide a free ad-supported app to watch selected games live, but a paid subscription is required to see all games.

MLB.TV Yearly subscriptions cost you NZD 151.93. However, single-team subscriptions are available for NZD 128.99.

2. Fox Sports

Fox Sports is another channel offering a live stream of MLB. However, this streaming service is geo-restricted and is only accessible in the USA. However, you can access Fox in New Zealand using a VPN. It is worth mentioning that VPN also helps you to unblock other sports channels.

3. Sling TV

It is a live TV streaming service that includes Fox Sports and many other sports networks. Sling Orange and Sling Blue are the two options. Fox TV is available on Sling Blue, which costs NZD 43 per month. For NZD 64.50 extra, you can obtain a mix of these two plans with more channels. A free trial is available. However, works for three days only.

5. Hulu Live TV

Another streaming service is Hulu live TV. It provides you access to a variety of networks, including Fox, that allows you to stream MLB series. It costs you NZD 78.82 a month. Moreover, it also offers a one-week-long free trial.

6. ESPN (Our Recommended Choice)

ESPN is the best place to watch MLB World Series 2021 in News Zealand. We recommend this as it is a cheaper option. You will need to subscribe to ESPN+ to watch your favorite sports. As far as its price is concerned, you can get it for NZD 8.59 per month.

Moreover, you should know that ESPN is an acronym for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. A US-based basic sports channel operated by ESPN Inc. Walt Disney and Hearst Communications jointly control it.

ESPN is one of the most well-known sports networks in the world. It broadcasts several games each week. Most watched sports include NFL football, College Football, soccer, NBA, MLB, and Golf.

Where to watch MLB playoff 2021

The MLB playoffs will be televised on five networks like ESPN, TBS, MLB TV, Fox, and FS1.

You can watch the American League wild-card game on ESPN, while the National League wild-card game will be broadcast on TBS. In addition, the games will be broadcast on MLB Network, TBS, and FS1 during the divisional series.

In addition, the NLCS will be shown on TBS, while the ALCS will be broadcast on Fox and FS1. Since all these channels are region-restricted, you need to connect to a VPN service to access them in New Zealand.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch the MLB World series?

The MLB World Series broadcasts on MLB TV for kiwis and other live TV streaming services such as Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, ESPN, etc. Comparatively, ESPN is cheaper, but it is not available outside the United States due to the geo limitations.

A VPN allows you to avoid geo-restrictions imposed by websites such as ESPN, allowing you to watch the MLB World Series as if you were in the United States. ESPN will assume you’re in the United States and allow you to stream its content if you connect to a US server.

The Best 3 VPNs to live stream MLB World Series online

You won’t have any trouble watching the MLB World Series or other sporting events if you use a VPN. However, you need to make sure that you are using a reliable VPN. Here is the overview of the best three VPN to live stream MLB World Series Online.

1. ExpressVPN (Overall Best VPN to watch MLB World Series)

ExpressVPN working for MLB World Series

We tested all of the main VPNs and chose ExpressVPN as our top selection because of its speed, user-friendliness, and robust security features. It’s also compatible with nearly every streaming device on the market, including the Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, as well as Android and Apple smartphones, make it an incredibly simple tool to set up.

If you subscribe to a 15-month plan, you’ll have to pay NZD 9.56 per month and you will also get an extra three months for free. However, if your mind changes during the first 30 days, just let them know, and they’ll gladly refund your money.

2. Surfshark  (Best Budget VPN)

surfshark working for MLB World Series

Surfshark is currently one of the most popular VPNs in New Zealand. Despite being a relative newcomer to the VPN sector, it has swiftly proven its worth by providing exceptional all-around performance at a reasonable price. Moreover, it supports unlimited simultaneous connections is one of its strongest features.

When it comes to security features, Surfshark has them all, including MultiHop, Camouflage Mode, and CleanWeb. These features are intended to keep your internet activities secret from government monitoring. Additionally, Surfshark employs an encryption standard known as AES-256-GCM.

Aside from that, we like this VPN because of its low price. Surfshark is the cheapest option, costing NZD 3.57 per month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. NordVPN (Best for Privacy)

nordvpn-working for MLB Playoff & World series

It is a Panama-based VPN provider with over 5400 servers in over 55 countries. In addition, the service is ideal for New Zealanders who want to utilize a VPN that does not log their browser activity.

NordVPN has some fascinating capabilities when it comes to privacy and security. For example, a kill switch, split tunneling, double VPN, dedicated IP, six multi-logins, and other available capabilities.

NordVPN provides a 2-year bundle for NZD 4.73/month with a 72 percent discount and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

MLB World Series 2021 Schedule

The MLB World Series schedule is given below:

Wild Card Series (All Times ET)

October 4

Red Sox def. Yankees 6-2

October 5

Dodgers def. Cardinals 3-1

Divisional Series

October 7

Game 1: Astros def. White Sox 6-1

Game 1: Rays def. Red Sox 5-0

October 8

Game 2: Astros def. White Sox 9-4

Game 1: Brewers def. Braves 2-1

Game 2: Red Sox def. Rays 14-6

Game 1: Giants def. Dodgers 4-0

October 9

Game 2: Braves def. Brewers 3-0

Game 2: Dodgers def. Giants 9-2

October 10

Game 3: Red Sox def. Rays 6-4

Game 3: White Sox def. Astros 12-6

October 11

Game 3: Braves def. Brewers 3-0

Game 4: Red Sox def. Rays 6-5

Game 3: Giants def. Dodgers 1-0

October 12

Game 4: Astros def. White Sox 10-1

Game 4: Braves def. Brewers 5-4

Game 4: Dodgers def. Giants 7-2

October 14

Game 5: Dodgers at Giants (9:07 p.m. ET on TBS)

ALCS Schedule

October 15

Game 1: Red Sox at Astros, (FOX, 8 p.m. ET)

October 16

Game 1: NLCS (TBS)

Game 2: Red Sox at Astros, (FOX or FS1)

October 17

Game 2: NLCS (TBS)

October 18

Game 3:  Astros at Red Sox, (FS1)

October 19

Game 3: NLCS (TBS)
Game 4: Astros at Red Sox, (FS1)

October 20

Game 4: NLCS (TBS)

Game 5: Astros at Red Sox, (FS1)

October 22

Game 6: Red Sox at Astros, (FS1)

October 24

Game 6: NLCS Game  (TBS)
Game 7: Red Sox at Astros (FOX or FS1)

World Series

October 26

Game 1: Hosted by a team with the better record (FOX)

October 27

Game 2: hosted by a team with the better record (FOX)

October 29

Game 3 (FOX)

October 30

Game 4 (FOX)

October 31

Game 5 (FOX)

November 2

Game 6 hosted by a team with the better record (FOX)

November 3

Game 7 hosted by a team with the better record (FOX)


When it comes to watching MLB World Series in New Zealand, you may find yourself asking some questions. Here I highlight some frequently asked questions with answers.

How can I watch MLB in New Zealand

MLB TV is probably the greatest option for New Zealanders, as you can watch all games on-demand or live without any blackouts. In addition, they provide a free ad-supported app where you can watch selected games live and on-demand, but a paid subscription is required to see all games.

Can you watch World Series on MLB app?

Yes, you can watch the world series on the MLB app. It offers two membership packages. Its rich premium features include live MLB games from Opening Day to the final day of the entire World Series.

Does MLB TV work internationally?

Due to Major League Baseball exclusivities, the live streaming or broadcast of Major League Baseball events and Major League Baseball games will be blacked out globally outside America.

How do I get MLB.TV for free?

You can get MLB.TV for free if you are a college student as part of MLB’s Back to School offer provided by Topps. To get free access, you need to create your account using your student id. And you’ll gain free access to MLB.TV at a time when the Major Leagues’ playoff races are heating up.

Wrapping Up

According to your streaming preferences, the guide above lets you know how to watch MLB playoffs and MLB World Series in New Zealand. Nonetheless, we recommend using a VPN service to enjoy MLB matches under your budget.

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