How to Watch Mountain Men Season 12 in New Zealand On Discovery Plus? [Easy Guide]

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The venerable wilderness spirit and the long-standing mountain man tradition are highlighted in the HISTORY Channel’s continuing series “Mountain Men.” If you want to watch Mountain Men Season 12 in New Zealand on Discovery Plus, you must use a VPN like ExpressVPN.

Due to Discovery Plus regional restrictions, Mountain Men new season is only accessible in the US Library; therefore, if you want to stream it in New Zealand, you must use a reputable VPN to watch Discovery Plus in New Zealand.

Let’s discuss the plot of Mountain Men Season 12, the ten-episode series transports viewers to inaccessible, breathtaking locales where few dare to travel. Each episode offers a close-up glimpse into the daily activities of these mountain people as they negotiate harsh terrain and contend with the elements in order to live independently.

Continue reading to learn how to watch latest episodes of Mountain Men Season 12 on Discovery Plus in New Zealand.

How to Watch Mountain Men Season 12 in New Zealand On Discovery Plus? [5 Quick Steps]

The following steps can be taken in order to watch Mountain Men Season 12 in New Zealand On Discovery Plus:

  • Get a VPN subscription; ExpressVPN is suggested.
  • The VPN app can be downloaded to your smartphone.
  • Connect to a US server, preferably the New York server.
  • Open the Discovery Plus website or app and log in
  • Now watch Mountain Men Season 12 in New Zealand on Discovery Plus.

Where Can I Watch Mountain Men Season 12?

Wondering where to watch Mountain Men Season 12? On the History Channel of Discovery Plus, you can watch Mountain Men season 12.

To enjoy flawless Mountain Men Season 12 streaming, be sure to connect to one of the reliable Discovery Plus VPNs like ExpressVPN.

You may access all of the best Discovery Plus movies with the ExpressVPN Discovery+ combo in addition to Mountain Men. Continue reading to learn how to watch Mountain Men Season 12 free in the following heading.

How Can I Stream Mountain Men Season 12 for Free on Discovery+?

Yes! Get Discovery+ free trial to watch Mountain Men Season 12 free without having to pay anything. New customers to Discovery Plus can now take advantage of this feature. You may access the platform’s vast library of content after signing up for the Discovery+ free trial.

If you want to keep streaming the service after your free trial is complete, you must sign up for a premium plan. Learn more about the Discovery plus cost and bundles here.

Excited to watch the show? Check out the Mountain Men Season 12 premiere date below!

What is the Premiere Date of Mountain Men Season 12?

Finally, the Mountain Men Season 12 release date has been announced. On August 24, 2023, Thursday at 8 pm ET/PT it will be broadcast on the History channel of Discovery Plus.

Save the date, sign up for ExpressVPN, and watch Mountain Men Season 12 in New Zealand on Discovery Plus. To learn about the narrative of Mountain Men season 12, keep reading.

What is the Storyline of Mountain Men Season 12?

The plot of Mountain Men Season 12 centers on the daily struggles of these mountain men and women as they forge ahead through harsh environments and contend with nature to live independent lives.

In “Mountain Men,” a focus is placed on the tenacious vitality of the wild and the storied history of the “mountain man.” Some of the most courageous people in North America’s wilderness made the decision to renounce contemporary amenities and adopt this primitive way of life.

A broad group of pioneers with special abilities, knowledge, and competence are featured in season twelve. These people have an unmatched connection to nature, engaging in activities like hunting and trapping as well as shelter construction and tool making.

The show’s portrayal of the difficulties of surviving in a remote area has dispelled numerous myths and misconceptions about survivalism. The audience discovers that surviving in the outdoors requires a lot of effort and mental fortitude.

For anybody passionate about outdoor living, “Mountain Men” offers guidance on matters like choosing the right equipment, honing the skills needed, and comprehending the surroundings. Anyone who is interested in self-sufficiency will benefit greatly from the emphasis on preparedness and adaptation.

Mountain Men Season 12: Who is in the Cast?

Mountain Men Season 12 cast is as follows:

Actor Character
Tom Oar Legendary Trapper (self)
Eustace Conway Primitive survivalist (self)
Jake Herak Lion Hunter
Kidd and Harry Youren Frontiersmen brothers
Ray Livingston African American outdoor survivalist
Paul Antczak Hunter and trapper
Aron and Jennifer Toland Couple

How Many Episodes Does Mountain Men Season 12 Have?

There are a total of 3 episodes of Mountain Men Season 12 Discovery Plus releasing on 24 August 2023.

In order to watch Mountain Men Season 12 online, the following table provides a more thorough summary of Mountain Men Season 12 episodes.

Episode Number Episode Name Release Date
Episode 1 Unbreakable August 24, 2023
Episode 2 First Kill August 31, 2023
Episode 3 Gunpowder and Lead September 7, 2023


Ray faces the challenge of tracking elk through knee-deep snow and enduring a frigid night on the mountain, showcasing the true spirit of survival.

First Kill

Paul tackles an infestation of pesky badgers threatening his domain. Ray employs his bushcraft expertise to ingeniously haul his elk meat out of the backcountry, demonstrating resourcefulness in the wild.

Gunpowder and Lead

With their resilience and determination, they navigate through the unforgiving wilderness, showcasing their unwavering commitment to survival and highlighting the bond between man and nature.

Has a Trailer Been Released for Mountain Men Season 12?

No! The Mountain Men Season 12 trailer is not available right now. Hopefully, it will soon be updated and released. However, you can watch the season 11 top moments. Check the link below:

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch Mountain Men Season 12 in New Zealand on Discovery Plus

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Mountain Men season 12

What to watch on Discovery Plus other than Mountain Men season 12? Here is a list of a few highly recommended shows and movies. Look at that!


Cancer has been identified in Jason Hawk. He has been unable to continue being a member of “Mountain Men” due to this debilitating medical condition. His family claims that “the physicians had advised four to five months of more potent treatment after four to six weeks of intense radiation and chemotherapy five days a week.

No, Mountain Men had previously been the only source of income for Jason and his family, despite the fact that he had previously lived off the land and occasionally taken a job to make ends meet but they stated in the GoFundMe that “unfortunately, our agreement with History Channel has not been extended, therefore we will not continue filming with Mountain Men.”

There is still some mystery about Morgan Beasley’s exit from “Mountain Men,” as Megan Stern unexpectedly left the show after the Season 8 episode “Seize the Day” without any explanation as to why. Although Beasley’s decision to quit the series has not been publicly disclosed, it is absolutely conceivable that shooting “Mountain Men” necessitated too much time away from his already hectic schedule.

Wrap Up

You may use ExpressVPN to watch Mountain Men Season 12 in New Zealand On Discovery Plus after following this tutorial, which we hope was helpful.

The History Channel will air Mountain Men season 12’s Discovery Plus premiere on August 24, 2023. Fans of Mountain Men can anticipate another thrilling season full of challenges and adventures. Because it featured people living off the grid in isolated areas, the reality TV program “Mountain Men” sparked interest in self-sufficient living.

People’s perceptions of survivalism have changed as a result of the show’s perspectives on what it requires to survive by yourself in the wild. Enjoy!

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