How to Watch NFL Draft 2023 Free in New Zealand on ITV

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If you’re in New Zealand and looking for the answer to where can i watch NFL Draft 2023 in New Zealand, you You can watch NFL Draft 2023 Free in New Zealand on ITV with the help of ExpressVPN,  In this article, we’ll explain how to set up a VPN to access ITV’s coverage and catch all the action from the draft.

The 2023 NFL Draft is set to take place from April 27-29 in Kansas City, Missouri. Through a trade with the Chicago Bears, the Carolina Panthers hold the first overall pick, and several quarterback prospects are expected to be in high demand. Fans worldwide eagerly anticipate the event, and in the UK and Ireland, they can catch all the action on ITV, thanks to a new three-year partnership with the NFL.

ITV is a UK-based television network that offers a wide range of programming, and a handful of the best movies you can enjoy, including sports shows like Man City vs Sheffield United FA Cup Live and the Rugby World Cup. Football fans around the world highly anticipate their coverage of the NFL Draft, and you can watch it all for free with a VPN.

In order to access ITV from New Zealand, you’ll need to use a VPN like ExpressVPN. This is because ITV is geo-restricted, meaning it’s only available to viewers in the UK. With a VPN, you can connect to a UK server and access the ITV website as if you were in the UK, allowing you to watch NFL Draft 2023 Free in New Zealand on ITV.

How to Watch NFL Draft 2023 Free in New Zealand on ITV [Easy Steps]

If you’re in New Zealand and want to watch NFL Draft 2023 Free in New Zealand on ITV, you’ll need to use ExpressVPN. Here are 6 easy steps to follow:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and download the app.
  2. Connect to a UK server location to access ITV Hub (preferably Docklands).
  3. Create an ITV account on the ITV hub website if you don’t already have one.
  4. Navigate to the ITV Hub and start streaming the NFL Draft 2023.
  5. Enjoy watching the NFL Draft 2023 for free in New Zealand on ITV.

Note: If ITV HUB is not working, clear your browser cache and try again or contact ExpressVPN’s customer support for assistance.

When and Where to Watch NFL Draft 2023?

The 2023 NFL Draft is scheduled from April 27 to April 29 at Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri. This will mark the first time Kansas City has hosted the NFL Draft since it was first held in 1936. Fans from all over the world can tune in to watch the draft unfold, and one option is to watch it on ITV in the UK. However, if you’re in New Zealand, you will need to use ExpressVPN to access ITV.

You can watch the event live on ITV or stream it online. The best part is that you can pay for an ITV subscription cost to watch the NFL Draft ad-free or use the free trial, making it an accessible option for fans in the UK and around the world.

Where is the NFL Draft 2023?

Looking for the 2023 NFL Draft Location and Dates?  The NFL Draft 2023 will take place in Kansas City, Missouri, at Union Station near the city’s World War I Museum and Memorial. This will be the first time the city will host the event since its inception in 1936. The first round is set for April 27, followed by the second and third rounds on April 28 and rounds 4 through 7 on April 29.

What is the NFL draft order for 2023?

The NFL draft order for 2023 will take place from April 27-29. The specific start times (Eastern) for each day are as follows:

Day Round Time
Thursday 1 8 p.m. ET
Friday 2-3 7 p.m. ET
Saturday 4-7 12 p.m. ET

Round 1 draft picking order,

Team Pick Number Team Pick Number Team Pick Number
Carolina Panthers 1 New York Jets 13 New York Giants 25
Houston Texans 2, 12 New England Patriots 14 Dallas Cowboys 26
Arizona Cardinals 3 Green Bay Packers 15 Buffalo Bills 27
Indianapolis Colts 4 Washington Commanders 16 Cincinnati Bengals 28
Seattle Seahawks 5, 20 Pittsburgh Steelers 17 New Orleans Saints 29
Detroit Lions 6, 18 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19 Kansas City Chiefs 31
Las Vegas Raiders 7 Los Angeles Chargers 21
Atlanta Falcons 8 Baltimore Ravens 22
Philadelphia Eagles 10, 30 Minnesota Vikings 23
Tennessee Titans 11 Jacksonville Jaguars 24

Round 2 draft  picking order,

Team Pick Number Team Pick Number Team Pick Number
Carolina Panthers 1 Philadelphia Eagles 10, 30, 62 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19, 50
Houston Texans 2 Tennessee Titans 11, 41 Los Angeles Chargers 21, 54
Arizona Cardinals 3 Cleveland Browns 12, 42 Baltimore Ravens 22
Indianapolis Colts 4 New York Jets 13, 43 Minnesota Vikings 23, 55
Los Angeles Rams 6 New England Patriots 14, 46 Jacksonville Jaguars 24, 56
Seattle Seahawks 5, 37, 52 Green Bay Packers 15, 45 New York Giants 25, 57
Las Vegas Raiders 7, 38 Washington Commanders 16, 47 Dallas Cowboys 26, 58
Atlanta Falcons 8, 44 Pittsburgh Steelers 17, 32, 49 Buffalo Bills 27, 59
Chicago Bears 9, 61 Detroit Lions 18, 48, 55 Cincinnati Bengals 28, 60
New Orleans Saints 29 Kansas City Chiefs 31, 63

Round 3 draft  picking order,

Team Pick Team Pick Team Pick
Chicago Bears 64 Los Angeles Rams (from MIA via NE) 77 Dallas Cowboys 90
Houston Texans 65 Green Bay Packers 78 Buffalo Bills 91
Arizona Cardinals 66 Washington Commanders (from IND) 79 Cincinnati Bengals 92
Denver Broncos (from IND) 67 Pittsburgh Steelers 80 Carolina Panthers (from SF) 93
Denver Broncos 68 Detroit Lions 81 Philadelphia Eagles 94
Los Angeles Rams 69 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 82 Kansas City Chiefs 95
Las Vegas Raiders 70 Seattle Seahawks 83 Arizona Cardinals (Compensatory) 96
New Orleans Saints 71 Miami Dolphins 84 Washington Commanders (Compensatory) 97
Tennessee Titans 72 Los Angeles Chargers 85 Cleveland Browns (Special Compensatory) 98
Houston Texans (from CLE) 73 Baltimore Ravens 86 San Francisco 49ers (Special Compensatory) 99
New York Jets 74 Minnesota Vikings 87 New York Giants (from KC) (Special Compensatory) 100
Atlanta Falcons 75 Jacksonville Jaguars 88 San Francisco 49ers (Special Compensatory) 101
New England Patriots (from CAR) 76 New York Giants 89 San Francisco 49ers (Special Compensatory) 102

Round 4 draft picking order

Team Pick Number Team Pick Number Team Pick Number
Chicago Bears 103 Carolina Panthers 114 Los Angeles Chargers 125
Houston Texans 104 New Orleans Saints 115 Cleveland Browns 126
Arizona Cardinals 105 Green Bay Packers 116 Jacksonville Jaguars 127
Indianapolis Colts 106 New England Patriots 117 New York Giants 128
New England Patriots 107 Washington Commanders 118 Dallas Cowboys 129
Denver Broncos 108 Minnesota Vikings 119 Buffalo Bills 130
Las Vegas Raiders 109 Pittsburgh Steelers 120 Cincinnati Bengals 131
Atlanta Falcons 110 Jacksonville Jaguars 121 Carolina Panthers 132
Cleveland Browns 111 Kansas City Chiefs 122 Chicago Bears 133
New York Jets 112 Seattle Seahawks 123 Kansas City Chiefs 134
Atlanta Falcons 113 Baltimore Ravens 124 New England Patriots 135

Round 5 drift picking order

Team Pick Number Team Pick Number Team Pick Number
Chicago Bears 136, 148 Washington Commanders 150 Cincinnati Bengals 163
Buffalo Bills 137 Seattle Seahawks 151, 154 Kansas City Chiefs 166
Indianapolis Colts 138, 162 Detroit Lions 152 Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection) 167, 171, 177
Denver Broncos 139 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 153, 175 Arizona Cardinals (Compensatory Selection) 168
Cleveland Browns 140, 142 San Francisco 49ers 155, 165 San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection) 173
Las Vegas Raiders 141, 144 Los Angeles Chargers 156 Las Vegas Raiders (Compensatory Selection) 174
New York Jets 143 Baltimore Ravens 157
Carolina Panthers 145 Minnesota Vikings 158
New Orleans Saints 146, 165 Atlanta Falcons 159
Tennessee Titans 147 New York Giants 160, 172
Green Bay Packers 149, 170 Dallas Cowboys 161, 169, 176

Round 6 drift picking order

Team Pick Number Team Pick Number Team Pick Number
Kansas City Chiefs (from Chicago via Miami) 178 Washington Commanders 193, 215 Buffalo Bills 205
Houston Texans 179, 188 Detroit Lions 194 Cincinnati Bengals 206
Arizona Cardinals 180, 213 Denver Broncos (from Pittsburgh) 195 New York Jets (from San Francisco via Houston) 207
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Indianapolis) 181 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 196 Jacksonville Jaguars (from Philadelphia) 208
Los Angeles Rams 182, 189, 191 Miami Dolphins 197 New York Giants (from Kansas City) 209
Detroit Lions (from Denver) 183 Seattle Seahawks 198 New England Patriots (Compensatory Selection) 210
New England Patriots (from Las Vegas) 184 Baltimore Ravens 199 Minnesota Vikings (Compensatory Selection) 211
Jacksonville Jaguars (from N.Y. Jets) 185 Los Angeles Chargers 200 Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Selection) 212
Tennessee Titans (from Atlanta) 186 Houston Texans (from Minnesota) 201 Las Vegas Raiders (Compensatory Selection) 214
New England Patriots (from Carolina) 187 Jacksonville Jaguars 202 Washington Commanders (Compensatory Selection) 215
Cleveland Browns 190 Houston Texans (from N.Y. Giants) 203 San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection) 216
New England Patriots 192 Las Vegas Raiders (from Dallas) 204 Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory Selection) 217

Round 7 drift picking order,

Team Pick Number Team Pick Number
Chicago Bears 218, 258, 221 Cleveland Browns 229
Philadelphia Eagles 219, 248 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 230, 236
Las Vegas Raiders 220, 231 Green Bay Packers 232, 235, 249, 256
Indianapolis Colts 221, 236 Washington Commanders 233
San Francisco 49ers 222, 247, 253, 255 Pittsburgh Steelers 234, 241
Los Angeles Rams 223, 240, 241 Seattle Seahawks 237, 251
Atlanta Falcons 224, 245 Miami Dolphins 238
Jacksonville Jaguars 226 Los Angeles Chargers 239
New Orleans Saints 227, 257 New York Giants 240, 243
Tennessee Titans 228 Dallas Cowboys 244
Kansas City Chiefs 249, 250 Cincinnati Bengals 246

what are the prospect rankings of NFL 2023?

The NFL’s 2023 prospect rankings are a highly anticipated annual list of the top college football players expected to enter the NFL draft. These rankings are based on scouting reports, player performance, and potential. Here are the top 10 prospect ranking of NFL 2023.

Rank Player Position School
1 Will Anderson Jr. EDGE Alabama
2 Bryce Young QB Alabama
3 Jalen Carter DT Georgia
4 C.J. Stroud QB Ohio State
5 Will Levis QB Kentucky
6 Tyree Wilson EDGE Texas Tech
7 Christian Gonzalez CB Oregon
8 Devon Witherspoon CB Illinois
9 Anthony Richardson QB Florida
10 Bijan Robinson RB Texas

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to watch  Watch NFL Draft 2023 Free in New Zealand on ITV

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs to watch ITV in New Zealand and to watch the NFL Draft 2023 for free on ITV in New Zealand. With its fast and secure servers located in multiple countries, you can easily bypass geo-restrictions and access ITV’s live stream to enjoy the event from anywhere in the world.

ExpressVPN: Fastest VPN to Watch NFL Draft 2023 Free in New Zealand on ITV


Fastest VPN to Watch NFL Draft 2023 Free in New Zealand on ITV

With ExpressVPN, it is possible to bypass the restrictions and access coverage while you are connected to the fastest servers making you watch NFL Draft 2023 Free in New Zealand on ITV. In a recent speed test, ExpressVPN achieved an impressive downloading speed of 89.42 Mbps and an uploading speed of 84.64 Mbps on a 100 Mbps internet connection. This makes ExpressVPN one of the fastest VPNs available for streaming the NFL Draft 2023 in New Zealand.

With a global server count of over 3000+ servers in 105 countries including the UK, ExpressVPN provides several options for New Zealand viewers to connect to a server that can unblock ITV. ExpressVPN’s UK servers are located in three cities: London, Docklands, and East London, providing fast and reliable connections for viewers in New Zealand.

ExpressVPN uses industry-standard AES-256 encryption to ensure that users’ data is protected while they are connected to the VPN. This encryption is virtually unbreakable and makes it nearly impossible for third parties to intercept or steal users’ data.

To make streaming easier for users, ExpressVPN also offers a MediaStreamer DNS service that allows users to stream content on devices that do not support VPNs, such as smart TVs and gaming consoles. This feature is included with every ExpressVPN subscription, making it easy for users to stream content from anywhere.

For those who have multiple devices to connect, ExpressVPN offers simultaneous connections for up to five devices. This means that users can connect their laptop, phone, tablet, and smart TV all at the same time and still enjoy fast and secure streaming.

ExpressVPN is compatible with a range of devices and apps, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, and more. The VPN provider also offers browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, making it easy to access streaming content from anywhere.

The current deal for ExpressVPN is NZ$11.19/mo (US$ 6.67/mo)- Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months freeper month with a 30-day money-back guarantee with an additional 3 months free. This price is in US dollars and is subject to change, users can get access to exclusive deals and discounts when they sign up for ExpressVPN

FAQs –  Watch NFL Draft 2023

Yes, you can watch the NFL 2023 Draft for free on ITVX with ExpressVPN. Simply sign up for the VPN service, download and install the app, connect to any English server, and enjoy the NFL Draft.
To access all event information and interactive games during NFL Draft, you need to download NFL OnePass. It is your ultimate guide for NFL events, which allows you to get involved in various activities.
Besides ITV1 and free on ITVX, you can also watch the NFL Draft 2023 on ESPN, ABC, and NFL Network. However, a cable subscription is required to access these channels.


Wrapping UP! 

So if you are living outside the UK and looking to get updated about NFL drifting 2023, here is the complete guide so you can watch NFL Draft 2023 Free in New Zealand on ITV, ExpressVPN can be very helpful for you to bypass geo-restrictions.

NFL Draft 2023 promises to be an exciting event where top college prospects will be selected to play for the biggest teams in the league. The NFL Draft order has been now released and the date of the draft is between the 27th to 29th of April 2023. So why wait when you can get ITV Life in New Zealand using ExpressVPN, follow the steps and enjoy the Streaming

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