How to Watch NRL Grand Final 2022 Outside New Zealand

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One of the biggest sporting events in the world is about to take place. NRL, in which teams from New Zealand and Australia participate to determine who is the best in the world. Now, the NRL final is upon us and many of us are still wondering how to watch NRL Grand Final 2022 outside New Zealand.

This is a common confusion since the NRL Grand Final is not broadcasted in many countries. To overcome this hurdle, you must opt for a VPN. Yes, a subscription to the best NZ VPN is necessary if you want to unblock the NRL Grand, Final which will be telecast live on Sky Sports NZ.

Watch NRL Grand Final 2022 Outside New Zealand – Quick Steps

Just follow these quick steps if you want to watch NRL Grand Final 2022 outside New Zealand:

  • Subscribe to a VPN (ExpressVPN is highly advised).
  • Download the VPN app, install it and log in using your details.
  • Connect to a New Zealand server.
  • Create an account or log in to Sky Sports NZ.
  • Watch NRL Grand Final 2022 outside New Zealand.

Where to Watch NRL Grand Final 2022 in New Zealand?

You can watch the NRL Grand Final on Sky Sports NZ. Yes, Sky Sports NZ is the best channel for NRL fans to watch all the games live.

So much so that even when traveling abroad, people sign up for a VPN to access Sky Sports NZ. If you, too, live abroad or are traveling outside New Zealand, you should also consider the possibility of signing up for a VPN like ExpressVPN.

NRL Grand Final 2022 Schedule, Time, and Date

The NRL Grand Final is scheduled to be played at 7:30 pm Australian time and 9:30 pm New Zealand time. This Sunday, on 2nd October, two game giants will collide to fight for the championship.

Where will the NRL Grand Final be 2022?

The NRL Grand Final 2022 is all set to be played in the iconic Stadium Australia in Sydney. Stadium Australia has hosted many NRL Grand Finals and has always given pure entertainment to the fans and everyone involved.

Is NRL grand final sold out 2022?

Yes, as per the official website of the NRL Grand Final, all the tickets have been sold out. The sport of Rugby has come a long way, especially in Australia and New Zealand, so it’s great to see the event selling out very quickly.

Who won the 2022 NRL grand final?

The 2022 NRL Grand Final is yet to be played, but many people have already accepted that Penrith Panthers will win the final. This is due to their past performances and being the defending champions, it’s not far off to say they’ll be more than ready to defend it. Parramatta Eels, on the other hand, have never won the NRL Grand Final, but maybe now’s the time.

How much are NRL Grand Final tickets?

Although all the tickets have been sold out, if you somehow get an opportunity to get your hands on them, it’s better for you to know the price. Starting from $59, the tickets were sold for as high as $700.

Who’s performing at NRL Grand Final 2022?

The NRL Grand Final always has great performances, and it’s partly the reason why the audience is never bored. This year’s Eurovision 2022 participant Sheldon Riley will perform in the final. On top of that, legendary Australian hip-hop group Bliss n Eso featuring JOY will perform to give the fans the time of their lives.

How many players are on the NRL list?

21 players have been announced by both sides, including the ins who will participate in the final. Both sides have also announced 5 reserves. In total, 42 players have been finalized to participate in the NRL Grand Final.

What teams are in NRL Grand Final 2022?

Penrith Panthers and Parramatta Eels are the teams who have qualified for NRL Grand Final 2022. Both sides have performed brilliantly, and both have fought their way into the final. Panthers, being the defending champions, will look to win it for the second time in a row, while the Eels will be looking to make another underdog story come true.

NRL Grand Final 2022 Teams and Squads

Teams Squad
Penrith Panthers Dylan Edwards, Charlie Staines, Nathan Cleary, Izack Tago, Brian To’o, Jarome Luai, Stephen Crichton, Moses Leota, James Fisher-Harris, Isaah Yeo, Liam Martin, Apisai Koroisau, Viliame Kikau, Mitch Kenny, Jaeman Salmon, Spencer Leniu, Scott Sorensen, J’maine Hopgood, Sunia Turuva, Chris Smith, and Matthew Eisenhuth.
Parramatta Eels Clinton Gutherson, Maika Sivo, Viliami Penisini, Bailey Simonsson, Waqa Blake, Dylan Brown, Mitchell Moses, Reagan Campbell-Gillard, Reed Mahoney, Junior Paulo, Shaun Lane, Isaiah Papali’i, Ryan Matterson, Nathan Brown, Jakob Arthur, Oregon Kaufusi, Marata Niukore, Bryce Cartwright, Makahesi Makatoa, Tom Opacic, Ofahiki Ogden, and Ky Rodwell

Which team won the NRL Grand Final 2021?

This year’s finalist Penrith Panthers are the reigning champions of the world, and it could very well stay the same for another year. Penrith Panthers are a strong side who are yet again the favorites to win the final.

Head to Head Record – Penrith Panthers and Parramatta Eels

Since 2016 Penrith Panthers and Parramatta Eels have played 7 matches against each other. Out of 7 matches, Penrith Panthers have been in the top 5 times. Parramatta Eels, on the other hand, have only won twice.

What Else Do We Know About NRL Grand Final 2022?

Despite facing each other plenty of times, Penrith Panthers and Parramatta Eels have never played a final together. On top of that, The NRL Grand Final will have 2 Sydney-based teams for the second year in a row.

Is there a Tested VPN to Watch NRL Grand Final 2022 Outside New Zealand?

What is the Best VPN to Watch NRL Grand Final 2022 Outside New Zealand? ExpressVPN is the best due to its features, services, charges, and security. Read below to get more info on why so many people label ExpressVPN as the best in the world.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch NRL Grand Final 2022 Outside New Zealand

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch NRL Grand Final 2022 Outside New Zealand. ExpressVPN has over 3000+ servers in more than 105 countries and many servers in New Zealand as well.

ExpressVPN users stream Sky Sports NZ without any lagging or buffering. Whether you like to watch NRL Grand Final 2022 on mobile or Laptop, TV, or Xbox, ExpressVPN has you covered, as ExpressVPN is compatible with all these devices.


VPN Split Tunneling, Private DNS, Threat Manager, Lightway Protocol, and Network lock kill switch are ExpressVPN’s most loved features. The MediaStreamer DNS service is a user-exclusive service that enables you to download a VPN on your mobile even if your own mobile doesn’t allow it.

ExpressVPN’s monthly cost is NZ$10.84/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan. ExpressVPN’s connections are strong enough to stream channels such as BBC iPlayer, Kayo SportsFoxtel9NowChannel 4, etc. You can watch NRL Grand Final 2022 Outside New Zealand once you sign up to ExpressVPN.

Get Sky Sports NZ anywhere in the world.

NRL Grand Final 2022 (Penrith Panthers vs Parramatta Eels)


What channel can I watch NRL Grand Final on?

You can watch the NRL Grand Final on Sky Sports NZ.

Who is the oldest NRL player 2021?

Lote Tuqiri is said to be the oldest player in the NRL.

Who has played NRL the longest?

Cameron Smith has played 430 games in his career, making him the longest-playing player in the NRL.

How many players are on the NRL list?

Each team announced 30 players for the 2022 NRL campaign.


That will be all about how to watch NRL Grand Final 2022 outside New Zealand using a reliable VPN. If you’re still not completely satisfied with ExpressVPN, then you must know that they have a 30-day cash-back guarantee. So don’t waste time and avail this opportunity to watch one of the best sporting events of the year.

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