Watch Pluto TV in New Zealand [Updated: May 2022]

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watch pluto tv in new zealand

If you are looking for an easy guide to watch Pluto TV in New Zealand then you have come to the right place!

There are hundreds of VPN services that can help you to watch Pluto TV in New Zealand but ExpressVPN is our recommended VPN provider for just $6.67/mo.

Pluto TV is a streaming service from America that gets operated under the company Viacom. The provider gives out its content via linear, digital channels that are made to reflect traditional programming for broadcast.

The platform is free and supported by advertisements, where it makes it money. As of 2017, Pluto TV cultivated contracts with around 75 content partners.

The service also provides on-demand services and supports Amazon Fire TV, Roku, PlayStation 4, Android, iOS mobile devices, Chromecast, Android TV, and Apple TV.

The content is expansive because Pluto TV contains over 200 channels from Viacom’s library. These options obtained through various syndication business contracts.

Apart from its collection of on-demand channels, Pluto TV offers channels from Pluto-like Nasa TV, Buzzr, Newsmax TV, Pluto TV Bloomberg Television, Stadium, and RT.

It gets reported that in July 2019, the platform boasted over 18 million active users. Applications are currently available in 5 countries other than the US. Currently, the Pluto TV available countries are Germany, Europe, the UK, Austria, and Canada.

If you are not located in any of these areas and want to enjoy the full range of benefits of Pluto TV, you will need to obtain a VPN service. That’s because Pluto TV NZ is not going to be offered anytime soon.

What is a VPN? How Will It Help Stream Services Like Pluto TV?

A virtual private network (VPN) transforms your regular IP address into a new one that prevents you from being geo-blocked. Your data is encrypted and protected while you browse on websites that you usually would not be able to access through your local internet service provider.

ExpressVPN allows you to experience all these great benefits for under $7 per month. ExpressVPN’s expansive collection of 3000+ servers in 94 countries provides you with the ability to stream at high speed. Its reliable 24/7 support team aids you if you run into any issues or have any questions.

6 Easy Steps to Watch Pluto TV in New Zealand

Step#1- Create an account for yourself in ExpressVPN. When you get to the home page, choose the 12 months + 3 free months plan.


Step#2- Select your price plan. We recommend choosing the 12 months + 3 free months option because it is a better deal in the long run compared to the other two prices.

Step#3- Download the VPN app to your Android or iOS device, MAC, or PC.

Step#4- Log in to your ExpressVPN account with the credentials that you just created.


Step#5- Choose a VPN server from the United States of America.


Step#6- Once you are linked up to an American Server, visit the Pluto TV website and click the grey circle at the top right to create an account.

(Source: Pluto TV)

You are now able to watch all the content on Pluto TV!

Conclusion: A Stress-Free Streaming Experience for a Great Value

ExpressVPN provides you with the capabilities to access a worldwide collection of top streaming services, including Pluto TV. Backed by its encryption technology, your data and safety are not at risk, and hackers and cyber-attackers get kept at bay. For a service that contains a fast system of servers at under $5, you are getting an excellent deal. Happy streaming!

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