How To Watch Restaurant: Impossible in New Zealand on Discovery Plus?

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Is Restaurant Impossible on Discovery Plus? Yes, it is. You can watch Restaurant: Impossible in New Zealand on Discovery Plus using a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

Due to geo-restrictions, Discovery Plus is not available in New Zealand. Therefore, you need a VPN to get past these restrictions and unblock Discovery Plus in New Zealand.

The ‘Restaurant: Impossible’ is a one of its kind show that helps loss-making restaurants get back in the right direction. The show host, Robert, meets the restaurant owners and discovers the reasons behind their restaurant’s downfall.

This show is for you if you love watching businesses revive, especially food factories. You can watch Restaurant: Impossible on Discovery+ in New Zealand using the guidelines in this article.

How To Watch Restaurant: Impossible in New Zealand on Discovery Plus – [5 Steps]

Seeing almost-ruined businesses revive and grow is a great feeling. You can watch Restaurant: Impossible in New Zealand on Discovery Plus using these quick steps:

  1. Get a reliable VPN. ExpressVPN is recommended.
  2. Get a feasible subscription plan.
  3. Launch the VPN app and connect to a US server. The New York server is preferable.
  4. Navigate to the Discovery Plus website, and log in.
  5. Search and watch Restaurant: Impossible in New Zealand on Discovery Plus 

Where Can I Stream Season 22 of Restaurant Impossible?

Are you wondering, “Where can I watch Restaurant: Impossible?” You can watch season 22 of Restaurant: Impossible on the Food Network. Discovery Plus owns the Food Network. Therefore, you will need a Discovery Plus subscription to access this channel.

Review our Discovery Plus pricing to select a suitable subscription plan for you. With this subscription, you will get a Discovery Plus free trial of 7 days. You can watch unlimited shows to see if this streaming platform is for you.

Additionally, you need the best VPN for Discovery Plus like ExpressVPN. In this way, you can access Restaurant: Impossible on Discovery Plus from anywhere without any interruptions.

What is the Release Date of Restaurant: Impossible on Discovery+?

Are you looking for Restaurant: Impossible release date? Season 22 of Restaurant: Impossible was released on December 29, 2022.

You can watch Restaurant: Impossible on Discovery+ in New Zealand using a reliable VPN. In order to see a glimpse of what is inside the show, you should watch the Restaurant: Impossible trailer.

Along with this show, you can also enjoy watching our recommended list of best movies on Discovery Plus.

Wondering what to watch on Discovery+? You can watch Why The Hack Did I Buy This House and Booked First Day In on Discovery Plus using ExpressVPN.

Now that you know the answer to where to watch Restaurant: Impossible, it’s time to check out the plot!

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What is the Plot of Restaurant: Impossible?

It is a reality show and the plot of Restaurant: Impossible revolves around Robert Irvine’s mission to save the failing restaurants.

This show highlights the tough lives of restaurant owners. The struggles they go through while trying to keep their failing restaurants are the main essence of this show.

Robert focuses on why these restaurants fail to meet their expenses. He tries to identify and resolve their problems so they can be put back on the right track.

Some restaurants have menu issues, while others have management issues. Some restaurant owners have personal problems that impact so adversely on their businesses that they are now thinking of shutting their restaurants down.

Robert makes a few tough decisions and tries to explain to these restaurant owners how they can revive their failing restaurant.t your data at risk.

Who are the Cast Members of Restaurant: Impossible?

You must be excited to know about Restaurant: Impossible cast. Well, it is a reality show and Robert Irvine is the lead role of this show. In each episode, he visits a failing restaurant and tries to resolve its issues to make it work.

How many Episodes of Restaurant: Impossible Season 22 Have?

The Restaurant: Impossible on Discovery Plus episodes are as follows:

Episode No. Episode Name Release Date
1 A Mother’s Guilt 30-Dec-22
2 Living Up to Mom 6-Jan-23
3 Clueless in Idaho 13-Jan-23
4 Missing Pepper in Baton Rouge 20-Jan-23
5 Roux the Day 27-Jan-23
6 Hot Doggin’ It in Memphis 3-Feb-23
7 Running on Empty 10-Feb-23
8 Fighting for Gigi 17-Feb-23
9 Stalled on the Runway 24-Feb-23
10 Sunnyside Down 3-Mar-23
11 Driven to Tears 10-Mar-23
12 A Family Divided 17-Mar-23
13 The Imbalanced Chef 24-Mar-23
14 Mountain Town Mess 31-Mar-23
15 Trick or Treat 7-Apr-23

Episode 1: A Mother’s Guilt

Robert seeks to assist a guilty mother in Arizona who is running a failing business. The first episode jump starts with Robert listening to a guilty mother and trying to guide her in her restaurant business.

Episode 2: Living Up to Mom

Robert assists a daughter in assuming her mother’s role in order to save The Amigo Cafe. He guides and motivates the daughter to take charge and manage the hotel.

Episode 3: Clueless in Idaho

Robert assists the co-owner of Island Kine Grinds in preserving his marriage and business.

Episode 4: Missing Pepper in Baton Rouge

To preserve a failing restaurant, Robert must assist the owner in letting go of her pain. He convinces the owner of a restaurant to use her emotional intelligence and control her emotions to save her restaurant.

Episode 5: Roux the Day

Robert imparts sound leadership principles to the proprietor of a restaurant in Louisiana. He guides how management can work appropriately under effective leadership.

Episode 6: Hot Doggin’ It in Memphis

A Memphis restaurant owner learns how to manage his passion project from Robert. Of course, no one wants to shut down their restaurants, it is always better to learn and move in the right direction.

Episode 7: Running on Empty

At a diner in an Alabama gas station, Robert meets a special difficulty.

Episode 8: Fighting for Gigi

To keep her restaurant open, a restaurant owner must mend a broken relationship. Robert guides the restaurant owner about how letting personal issues impact your business ruins it.

Episode 9: Stalled on the Runway

A playground, according to the owners of an airport cafe, is hurting their company. However, Robert discovers the issue is not what the restaurant owners believed.

Episode 10: Sunnyside Down

In Michigan, Robert brings back to life a little breakfast joint with serious issues.

Episode 11: Driven to Tears

Robert teaches the proprietors of a Michigan diner how to work together once more.

Episode 12: A Family Divided

A family needs Robert’s assistance to forgive one another before their restaurant closes. Personal problems can sometimes be a great hindrance in running a successful restaurant.

Episode 13: The Imbalanced Chef

Robert assists a restaurant owner who has serious health problems in lowering his stress.

Episode 14: Mountain Town Mess

Robert is tasked with mending the tavern’s co-owners tense relationship.

Episode 15: Trick or Treat

The proprietor of a family restaurant in New Hampshire has lost all motivation to keep it operating. Sometimes people lose hope. Robert will try to push the restaurant owner into resetting his restaurant one last time.

How Many Seasons has Restaurant: Impossible been on?

This fantastic show started on 19th January 2011. Until now, there have been 22 seasons of this show and you can still expect more to come. Here is a list of all seasons, their release dates, and the number of episodes each season.

S. No. Season Name Release Date Total Episodes
1 Restaurant: Impossible Season 1 19-Jan-11 7
2 Restaurant: Impossible Season 2 6-Jul-11 18
3 Restaurant: Impossible Season 3 8-Feb-12 13
4 Restaurant: Impossible Season 4 11-Jul-12 13
5 Restaurant: Impossible Season 5 21-Nov-12 13
6 Restaurant: Impossible Season 6 14-Apr-13 14
7 Restaurant: Impossible Season 7 23-Oct-13 13
8 Restaurant: Impossible Season 8 5-Mar-14 13
9 Restaurant: Impossible Season 9 23-Jul-14 13
10 Restaurant: Impossible Season 10 24-Nov-14 9
11 Restaurant: Impossible Season 11 18-Mar-15 8
12 Restaurant: Impossible Season 12 22-Jan-15 8
13 Restaurant: Impossible Season 13 9-Mar-16 9
14 Restaurant: Impossible Season 14 20-Apr-19 4
15 Restaurant: Impossible Season 15 21-Jul-19 16
16 Restaurant: Impossible Season 16 27-Dec-19 22
17 Restaurant: Impossible Season 17 1-May-20 16
18 Restaurant: Impossible Season 18 23-Apr-21 12
19 Restaurant: Impossible Season 19 21-May-21 13
20 Restaurant: Impossible Season 20 27-Aug-21 13
21 Restaurant: Impossible Season 21 29-Apr-22 13
22 Restaurant: Impossible Season 22 30-Dec-22 15

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Restaurant: Impossible

What other Discovery+ Content you can watch in June 2023?

Wondering what to watch on Discovery Plus? Here are some of the shows that will available to watch on Discovery Plus:


Well, the producers of this show have not announced season 23 so far. We have a very keen eye on this show. We will update you as soon as we hear about it.

The production company of Restaurant: Impossible bears the cost. Lindsay Kugler, an executive producer of this show, has confirmed that the production company bears all the costs, including the renovation cost.

It is a 100% real show. People who have witnessed the show in person or passers-by have confirmed that the show is real. Even the producers do not interfere while the show is being recorded. There is no second take for any scene of this show.

By March 2023, 124 of the 205 restaurants had shut their doors since the show’s recording, giving it a 40 percent success rate. It turns out that maintaining a restaurant is difficult, even with the assistance of a skilled workforce.

Every episode has a $10,000 budget and a 48-hour makeover of a failing restaurant’s cuisine and decor. The project always starts out looking bleak, usually because the food is terrible, the team is incompetent, and the location is a mess. But Robert Irvine shows up to bring rescue.

Wrapping Up!

You are ready to watch Restaurant: Impossible in New Zealand on Discovery Plus using ExpressVPN.

The Season 22 of Restaurant: Impossible was released on December 30, 2022, with an episode each following week. Robert takes charge of failing restaurants with a mission to save them from shutting down.

Enjoy streaming your favorite shows!

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