How to Watch Russia 1985-1999 TraumaZone in New Zealand

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The new Adam Curtis project will premiere exclusively on BBC iPlayer on October 13, 2022, and you can watch Russia 1985-1999 TraumaZone in New Zealand with a VPN. Content on BBC iPlayer is geo-restricted outside the UK due to content licensing rights.

But with the best NZ VPN like ExpressVPN, you’ll get through.

Watch Russia 1985-1999 TraumaZone in New Zealand – Quick Steps

Follow these steps to watch Russia 1985-1999 TraumaZone in New Zealand on  BBC iPlayer:

  • Download and subscribe to a VPN. ExpressVPN is highly recommended.
  • Create an account and sign in.
  • Locate the British servers and connect to one.
  • Go to your BBC iPlayer and watch Russia 1985-1999 TraumaZone in New Zealand.

Where to Watch New Adam Curtis documentary “Russia 1985-1999 TraumaZone” in New Zealand?

You can watch Adam Curtis’ new documentary 2022 on BBC iPlayer in New Zealand. You must create an account on BBC iPlayer to access its content.

It costs nothing at all to create a BBC account. However, to access BBC iPlayer in New Zealand, you must pay the TV licensing charge, as even UK residents pay it. The licensing charge costs (NZ$249.99/yr or £147/yr).

Although BBC iPlayer is a free streaming service, your mobile or internet provider can charge you for the data you use when connected to their network.

Even though BBC iPlayer is only accessible in the UK, users can still enjoy the streaming service in New Zealand by using the top BBC iPlayer VPNs, such as ExpressVPN, and watch popular shows on its channels.

What is New Adam Curtis documentary About?

The Russia 1985-1999 TraumaZone documentary Adam Curtis show portrays the traumatic history of the Russian people as they suffered the demise of the Soviet Union at every level of society.

The show explores the emotional evolution of the Russian people at every societal level. It conveys their perspective on the fall of the Soviet empire and the emergence of the ruthless, capitalist new order that replaced it.

The incident occurred across the whole country, from the Kremlin’s halls to the far-flung mining towns in the Arctic Circle to the border conflicts in the Caucasus.

Curtis sets out to document what it felt like to live through the fall of communism and democracy through the seven intense hours of footage, forgoing the majority of his signature artistic gimmicks. His most recent film assemblage can seem tedious compared to the incredibly entertaining HyperNormalisation.

When is the release date of Adam Curtis documentary “Russia 1985-1999 TraumaZone” on BBC iPlayer?

The new Adam Curtis documentary BBC release date is the 13th of October 2022. This new BBC documentary show by Adam Curtis will provide new insights into the current events happening between Russia and Ukraine.

Understanding the events from three decades ago is essential if one wants to realize what motivates Vladimir Putin and the majority of Russians who have long backed him.

Not only did communism fall and the Soviet Union disintegrated, but the ensuing political and economic instability also opened the path for the former KGB officer to become president as a figure who could bring about stability and prosperity.

But what was it like for a regular Russian or Ukrainian to go through these turbulent times? Adam Curtis, a Bafta-winning documentary maker with access to tens of thousands of hours of unedited video the BBC had captured throughout the former Soviet Union, has supplied an explanation.

Who is Adam Curtis?

Adam Curtis is a popular English filmmaker. Adam Curtis was born on May 26, 1955, in Dartford, Kent, England, UK. He is a producer and director known for “The Power of Nightmares (2004)”, “Pandora’s Box (1992)” and “HyperNormalisation (2016)”.

Adam Curtis is undoubtedly one of the best filmmakers working today because of his distinctive, striking aesthetic and his capacity to see things from different perspectives that others might not. The BBC iPlayer offers live streaming of Curtis’s documentaries.

How many films does Russia make from 1985-1999 Traumazone?

Seven films were made by Russia from the 1985-1999 Traumazone. The documentary TraumaZone aims to document the emotional experience of living during the fall of the Soviet Union.

According to the official description,

“in the beginning of the 1990s, the Soviet Union, which was one of the world’s largest empires, crumbled. Unlike the British Empire, it did not fall slowly but rather quickly, in a matter of months.”

“Because we were distracted by the cold war’s win in the west, we weren’t really able to perceive or comprehend what followed afterwards. In actuality, the Russian people went through a tremendous catastrophe that left behind deep scars and a ferocious wrath, which sparked the current war in Russia and Ukraine.”

Where were archive footage of the series found?

The archive footage of the new Adam Curtis documentary BBC were found within the Kremlin to the cold mining communities in the Arctic Circle, the little settlements of Russia’s enormous steppes, and the bizarre warfare waging in the Caucasus highlands and woodlands.

According to the official summary for TraumaZone,

“BBC teams have recorded all throughout the USSR/Russia since the late 1980s, but only a small portion of their video was used for news reporting. The remainder was stashed away in Moscow’s cabinets.”

Tens of thousands of hours of uncut video were analyzed and edited by Curtis in an effort to produce a vivid record of everyday life in a disintegrating empire.

Why should I watch Russia 1985-1999 Traumazone?

You should watch Russia 1985-1999 TraumaZone documentary by Adam Curtis because the Adam Curtis’ brand-new BBC documentary will offer fresh perspectives on the current developments involving Russia and Ukraine.

What Else Do We Know About New Adam Curtis Project on BBC iPlayer?

The television show about the New Adam Curtis Project on BBC iPlayer will be released as Russia continues its terrible invasion of Ukraine, which most people have justifiably criticized but do not understand.

This knowledge gap is what Curtis seeks to close: “To understand Russia now – and what might occur in the future—you must understand what occurred in the past.”

Is there a trailer for Russia 1985-1999 TraumaZone in New Zealand?

Yes, there is a Russia 1985-1999 TraumaZone trailer as tweeted by @Grimezsz. TraumaZone, a BBC production by Adam Curtis, portrays remarkable events through the eyes of common people and how ideologues deceived them.

Is there a Tested VPN to Watch Russia 1985-1999 TraumaZone in New Zealand?

Yes, ExpressVPN is a tested VPN to watch Russia 1985-1999 TraumaZone in New Zealand. For many reasons, ExpressVPN is recognized as New Zealand’s best VPN for BBC iPlayer.

ExpressVPN is fast and seamlessly integrates with BBC iPlayer. Additionally, it is very good at getting around restrictions imposed on other streaming services and even websites like Google, YouTube, and Twitter.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Russia 1985-1999 TraumaZone in New Zealand

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Russia 1985-1999 TraumaZone in New Zealand. ExpressVPN’s fast speeds, simple setup, and considerably extended tuning options make it ideal for streaming BBC iPlayer in New Zealand. The service runs about 3000+ servers across 105 countries.


The ExpressVPN server in London is considered to be the best choice for getting around geo-restrictions on BBC iPlayer. The MediaStreamer tool enables users to view geo-restricted content using devices that are not VPN-compatible.

This VPN also includes features like split tunneling, DNS/IP Leak Protection, top-notch encryption, a kill switch, unrestricted bandwidth, and many other security-related elements.

Users also benefit from the improved 24/7 availability of customer assistance. Kayo SportsFoxtel9NowChannel 4, and other streaming services are also unblocked by ExpressVPN.

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New Events to Watch on BBC iPlayer in New Zealand

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Russia 1985-1999 TraumaZone


How can I Watch The Russia 1985-1999 Traumazone?

You can watch the Russia 1985-1999 Traumazone on BBC iPlayer from the 13th of October 2022. Follow our steps as highlighted above to stream BBC iPlayer in New Zealand.

Is the new Adam Curtis documentary history based?

Yes, the new Adam Curtis documentary BBC is history based.

Where can I see Hypernormalization?

You can see Hypernormalization on BBC iPlayer in New Zealand using an ExpressVPN subscription.


Using ExpressVPN makes it very easy to watch Russia 1985-1999 TraumaZone in New Zealand. You can start streaming your favorite TV shows easily from anywhere worldwide. All you need to do is follow the steps and directions provided in this article.

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