Watch Side Hustle (Season 2) on Paramount Plus in New Zealand

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Are you in New Zealand and eager to know how to watch Side Hustle (Season 2) on Paramount Plus in New Zealand? While the show may not be available in your region due to content licensing policies, there is a solution. By using ExpressVPN, a reliable VPN, you can bypass these geo-restrictions and access Side Hustle (Season 2) on Paramount Plus in NZ.

Side Hustle fans often ask, is Side Hustle on Paramount Plus? Yes, it is. As the logo suggests, Paramount Plus is a mountain of entertainment and is known for its wide selection of trending movies and shows. In addition to Side Hustle (Season 2), you can explore other popular titles such as Survivor (Season 44) on Paramount+.

Side Hustle Show (Season 2) is a popular comedy series that follows the misadventures of two best friends, Lex and Presley, as they start a successful business after accidentally destroying a boat. The show offers a hilarious and entertaining storyline with engaging characters that will keep you hooked.

Side Hustle Season 2 release date in New Zealand is 28th June’2023. This comprehensive guide is designed to answer all your queries regarding, where to watch side hustle season 2, Side Hustle Cast, and also give you a glimpse of what is Side Hustle all about by watching the Side Hustle Season 2 Trailer. So keep reading and get amazed!

How to Watch Side Hustle (Season 2) on Paramount Plus in New Zealand- (Quick Guide)

Kiwis need to have an ExpressVPN subscription to watch Side Hustle (Season 2) on Paramount Plus in New Zealand.

Follow these simple steps to enjoy watching Side Hustle Season 2 Episode 1 Full Episode

  • Sign up for ExpressVPN – a reliable VPN service that can bypass geo-restrictions.
  • Download and install the ExpressVPN app on your preferred device.
  • Launch the app on your preferred streaming device and log in with your ExpressVPN credentials.
  • Connect to the US server location. Recommended server: New York
  • Once connected, visit the Paramount Plus website.
  • Sign up for a Paramount Plus subscription if you don’t have one already.
  • Search for Side Hustle (Season 2) and start streaming the episodes!

Note: Please note that a subscription to Paramount Plus is required to access the content. But if you are wondering “Where can I watch Side Hustle for free in New Zealand?” then you can use the Paramount Plus free trial. Furthermore, you may also cancel Paramount Plus subscription anytime you want without being charged conditionally if you cancel the subscription before the trial period expires.

Where can I watch Side Hustle (Season 2)?

Binge watchers often seem curious about, Side Hustle Show where to watch. The answer is very simple, you can watch Side Hustle (Season 2) on Paramount Plus. The show will be available for streaming on the platform starting on June 28.

Paramount Plus is a popular streaming service that offers a diverse range of genres including, the best Paramount Plus shows, movies, docu-series, and many more.

To get the Paramount Plus subscription, you have to select the most affordable Paramount+ pricing plan. In New Zealand, Paramount Plus Costs you NZ$7.97/month (with Ads) and NZ$15.95/month (without Ads). Choose the one that best suits you and enter the world of entertainment. Moreover, you can watch Side Hustle Season 2 online free in New Zealand by availing Paramount+ free offer.

Please keep in mind that Paramount+ is geo-restricted, therefore to watch Side Hustle (Season 2) on Paramount Plus in New Zealand, you need to get an ExpressVPN subscription.

What is the Story of Side Hustle (Season 2)?

Side Hustle season 2 episode 1 full episode follows the story of two best friends, Lex and Presley, who accidentally destroy a boat and find themselves in need of money to pay for the damages. To make ends meet, they start their own business from an unsuspecting neighbor’s house, offering unique and odd jobs to earn some cash.

As they take on various hilarious and sometimes outlandish tasks, they learn valuable lessons about friendship, responsibility, and the challenges of running a business. Season 2 continues the fun and comedic adventures of Lex and Presley as they navigate their Side Hustles and encounter new and quirky characters along the way.

When is Side Hustle (Season 2) Coming on Paramount Plus?

Side Hustle (Season 2) is coming to Paramount Plus on June 28. Fans of the show can mark their calendars and get ready for more hilarious adventures with Lex and Presley as they navigate their Side Hustles and take on new and exciting challenges.

Don’t miss out on the laughter and entertainment that Side Hustle (Season 2) has to offer. Stream it on Paramount Plus starting on June 28 as it is the Side Hustle season 2 release date in New Zealand.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Side Hustle (Season 2) on Paramount Plus in New Zealand.

Cast of Side Hustle (Season 2)

Here is the cast of Side Hustle (Season 2):

Actor Character
Jules LeBlanc Lex
Jayden Bartels Presley
Isaiah Crews Munchy
Mitchell Berg Jaget
Jacques Chevelle Diego
Neal Dandade Mr. Naird
Leonard Ouzts Officer Ruckus
Jay Chandrasekhar Officer Bellows
James McCullum Rooftop
Lex Lumpkin Bookeasy
Ally Brooke Dr. Shepard

These are some of the main cast members of Side Hustle (Season 2) who bring the characters to life with their talent and performances.

How many episodes of Side Hustle (Season 2) are there?

Side Hustle (Season 2) consists of 21 episodes that you can find in Paramount Plus. Here is a list of the episodes:

Episode Number Episode Title Plot Description
Episode 1 “The Great Mullet Caper” The friends get caught up in a wild adventure to find a missing mullet wig.
Episode 2 “Tears of a Clown” The duo takes on a pet-sitting job at a circus, leading to hilarious clown mishaps.
Episode 3 “Pet Sitter Wars” Lex and Presley find themselves competing against a rival pet-sitting service.
Episode 4 “Kart to Kart” The friends try their luck at go-kart racing, but things quickly spiral out of control.
Episode 5 “Rat Busters” Lex and Presley start a pest control business and face a challenging rodent problem.
Episode 6 “Friendiversary” The duo celebrates their friendship and reminisces about their journey as entrepreneurs.
Episode 7 “Grandma’s Big Decision” Lex and Presley help their grandma make a major life decision with unexpected results.
Episode 8 “Space Invaders” The friends discover a mysterious object and find themselves in an extraterrestrial adventure.
Episode 9 “Concert Fiasco” Lex and Presley attempt to organize a concert but encounter various obstacles along the way.
Episode 10 “Model Employees” The duo takes on modeling jobs, but things get chaotic when they accidentally break a valuable item.
Episode 11 “Haunted Tikis” Lex and Presley encounter a series of spooky events while trying to sell haunted tiki statues.
Episode 12 “Uncle Nedward” The friends’ eccentric uncle visits and causes mayhem with his unconventional business ideas.
Episode 13 “Karaoke Kickoff” Lex and Presley organize a karaoke night to raise funds for a good cause, but it doesn’t go as planned.
Episode 14 “Jewel Heist” The friends stumble upon a hidden treasure map and go on a thrilling adventure to find the jewels.
Episode 15 “Savage Couponers” Lex and Presley get involved in extreme couponing and find themselves in a couponing war.
Episode 16 “The Chronicles of Kidd Star” The duo encounters a famous child star and helps him with a problem, leading to unexpected twists.
Episode 17 “Dolphin Girl Returns” Lex and Presley’s former classmate returns with a new identity, and they help her navigate the challenges.
Episode 18 “The Gig is Up” The friends face a setback when their secret side hustle is at risk of being exposed.
Episode 19 “Breaking Dad” Presley’s dad becomes their newest client, but his involvement leads to hilarious complications.
Episode 20 “Taco Bucket” Lex and Presley go head-to-head with a rival food truck while trying to save their favorite taco place.
Episode 21 “Side Hustle: The Musical” The season finale takes a musical turn as the friends put on a spectacular show to save their business.

These episodes offer a mix of comedic and adventurous situations that Lex, Presley, and their friends find themselves in as they navigate their Side Hustles.

Is there a trailer for Side Hustle (Season 2)?

Yes, there is a Side Hustle season 2 trailer. The trailer offers a sneak peek into the exciting and hilarious adventures that await Lex, Presley, and their friends in this new season.

You can watch the official trailer for Side Hustle (Season 2) on Youtube to get a taste of the fun and entertainment that awaits you. Don’t miss out on the laughter and excitement of Side Hustle (Season 2) – check out the trailer now!

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Side Hustle (Season 2) on Paramount Plus in New Zealand

ExpressVPN is the top VPN to watch Side Hustle (Season 2) on Paramount Plus in New Zealand due to lightening fast servers around the globe.

Members get access to more than 3000+ servers spread over 105 countries, including more than 25 super-fast servers in the US. The Paramount Plus content that we streamed on the New York server provided us with a wonderful viewing experience.

To watch Side Hustle (Season 2) on Paramount Plus in New Zealand, we recommend you get connected with the New York server.


Use ExpressVPN to Watch Side Hustle (Season 2) on Paramount Plus in New Zealand

Recommended Servers: New York, New Jersey

At 100 Mbps connection, ExpressVPN provides an amazing download speed of 91.14 Mbps and an upload speed of 88.32 Mbps which is an incredibly good speed to stream Serie A (All Upcoming Matches) without any buffer or lag.

ExpressVPN provides applications for a number of operating systems, including iOS, Windows, Android, macOS, and even Linux. This VPN offers 5 simultaneous connections on a single account so you can cut down your subscription cost by sharing your account with friends and family.

MediaStreamer, an amazing feature of ExpressVPN, allows seamless streaming even on streaming devices that are not VPN-compatible such as Roku, Firestick, Apple TVs, Smart TVs, Xbox, PS4, and other various gaming consoles.

The VPN provides the highest level of security and encryption for your safety while you watch thanks to features like TrustedServer in combination with AES-256-bit encryption. These safety measures are in place to protect your online behavior and provide you with a secure environment in which to visit your favorite websites like Hulu, American Netflix etc.

ExpressVPN costs you  NZ$11.19/mo (US$ 6.67/mo)- Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. By opting for a 12-month membership, you may save 49% off the regular price and receive an additional three months of service for free.

Moreso, ExpressVPN’s customer service staff is famous for providing prompt and efficient service around the clock, ensuring that your streaming queries are responded properly.

Side Hustle (Season 2)


Unfortunately, Side Hustle will not be returning for Season 3. Side Hustle canceled its season 3 in Nickelodeon, bringing an end to the adventures of Lex, Presley, and their friends. It’s a disappointment for fans of the series and the talented crew who worked on it.

Spenders, a character from Side Hustle, left the show because the actor who portrayed him, Isaiah Crews, was busy working on another project. Spenders was known for being Stump’s favorite customer and adding comedic moments to the series.

According to a survey conducted by Bank of America, approximately 60% of Gen Z individuals have a Side Hustle. This entrepreneurial generation is known for their hustle and desire to earn additional income. Side Hustles provide them with opportunities to pursue their passions, gain experience, and earn extra money, with many Gen Z individuals making between $500 and $1,000 per month through their side gigs.

The average monthly income of individuals with a Side Hustle varies greatly depending on factors such as the nature of the Side Hustle and the level of commitment. According to data from Incfile, a business formation service, the average Side Hustle income ranges from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars per month. It serves as a valuable source of supplemental income for many individuals, helping them cover their bills and pursue their financial goals.

Wrap Up

By following the easy steps in our guide, the Kiwis can easily watch Side Hustle (Season 2) on Paramount Plus in New Zealand by using ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is highly recommended to watch Side Hustle in New Zealand on Paramount Plus because of its vast network of speedy servers and the top-notch security features that the VPN offers to its clients.

So, the wait is over, get an ExpressVPN subscription and enjoy watching Side Hustle with your friends and family on 28th June’2023.

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