How To Watch State of Origin Game 3 in New Zealand on 9Now

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You must discover a way to watch State of Origin Game 3 if you like doing so. On July 12, 2023, the State of Origin Game will air on geo-restricted 9Now. Because of content licensing regulations, 9Now is not available in New Zealand. Discover how to watch State of Origin Game 3 in New Zealand on 9Now.

Unfortunately, 9Now is only accessible to people inside of Australia’s territory due to content licensing and distribution agreements. Rugby fans from other countries are unable to watch State of Origin Game 3 on 9Now as a result. You may watch 9Now in New Zealand by using ExpressVPN despite geo-restrictions, though, if you use a VPN. If you are struggling to find out the best VPN to access 9Now, you are at the right place to learn about 3 best VPNs to access 9Now.

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You can give 9Now the impression that you are in Australia by using a VPN connection to an Australian server to get an Australian IP address. This gives the impression that your IP address has been changed, enabling you to watch best shows on 9Now and best movies on 9Now and cost on 9Now, and the most affordable content without any limitations. Consider the following as a jumping-off point:

Watch State of Origin Game 3 in New Zealand on 9Now in 2023 – [Easy Steps]

Follow the given simple steps to watch State of Origin Game 3 in New Zealand on 9Now without any hassle.

  1. Sign up for a premium VPN subscription. ExpressVPN comes with our endorsement.
  2. Install the VPN app on your current device.
  3. You can access the app by using your login details.
  4. Any Australian server can be accessed by connecting to it.
  5. Watch the State of Origin Game 3 uninterrupted by using the 9Now channel.

Where to watch State of Origin Game 3 in New Zealand?

You can watch State of Origin Game 3 on 9Now in New Zealand. Nine Network material is available live and on-demand through 9Now, an Australian video streaming service. State of Origin Game 3 can be accessed on the site along with other shows, sporting events, and news broadcasts.

The IP address of ExpressVPN‘s trustworthy Australia-based servers will allow you to view State of Origin Game 3 because 9Now is blocked in New Zealand. You can Watch Best Shows on 9Now in New Zealand with best VPN ExpressVPN.

Why do you need a VPN to watch State of Origin Game 3 in New Zealand on 9Now?

You need a VPN to watch State of Origin Game 3 on 9Now in New Zealand owing to the geo-blocking of the channel. 9Now is only accessible in Australia because to restrictions on privacy and content licensing. Without a VPN, New Zealand viewers are unable to watch the station.

You need a strong VPN service to bypass the geo-restrictions. You can get a brand-new Australian IP address for your device that streams using the VPN. As a consequence, you can quickly watch the most popular series on 9Now.

What time will State of Origin Game 3 kick-off/start?

The State of Origin 3 kick off sees the game begin at 8:05 PM AEST. Similar to Games 1 and 2, the game’s start time will not change. According to where you are, the exact time will change. While New Zealand viewers can tune in at 10:05 PM, Perth viewers must tune in at 6:05 PM.

What is the schedule of State of Origin 3?

The following is the State of Origin Game 3 schedule:

Date Time (AEST) Event Venue
31/05/2023 8:05pm SOO Game 1 Adelaide Oval, Sydney
01/06/2023 7:45pm WSOO Game 1 CommBank Stadium, Sydney
21/06/2023 8:05pm SOO Game 2 Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
22/06/2023 7:45pm WSOO Game 2 Queensland Country Bank Stadium, Townsville
12/07/2023 8:05pm SOO Game 3 Accor Stadium, Sydney

Where is state of origin 2023 game 3?

The Maroons visit the Blues in State of Origin Game 3. The game will start at 8:05 p.m. on Wednesday, December 12 at the Blue Accor stadium. The Oval, a neutral field in Adelaide, South Australia, hosted Game 1 of the State of Origin series. Suncorp Stadium in Queensland served as the site of Game 2.

What was the score of State of Origin Game 3?

State of Origin 3 score is the Queensland Maroons defeated the NSW Blues with a score of 22-12 in the much-anticipated State of Origin Game 3 of 2022. In the enthralling rugby match, Queensland Maroons scored four tries while NSW Blues only managed two.

What teams are in the state of origin Game 3?

The New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons are the two sides competing in the third State of Origin game. The top players in Australia are on both sides, and they will compete against one another for the chance to win the coveted title.

What is the biggest win in State of Origin?

The biggest victory in the history of the State of Origin was achieved by Queensland in 2015 when they thrashed New South Wales by a commanding score of 52-6. This triumph served as a showcase for the Queensland team’s extraordinary strength during their heyday.

Who has played the most Origin games?

Most Origin games have been played by Cameron Smith. After 42 games, he has established himself as one of Australia’s all-time greatest rugby players. He currently holds the record for the most appearances, which may stand for a while.

How popular is State of Origin?

Australia and the rest of the globe both love The State of Origin. An annual best-of-three rugby league matchup between representatives from two Australian states takes place. State of Origin has seen an increase in watchers, reaching 3.421 million overall.

How much is an state of origin Game 3 ticket cost?

The cost of tickets for the third State of Origin match varies according to the seating area. A single ticket may cost between $49 and $355 AUD. Tickets can be bought online or at the Sydney, Australia, Accor Stadium box office.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch State of Origin Game 3 in New Zealand on 9Now

ExpressVPN is the most effective VPN to watch State of Origin Game 3 in New Zealand on 9Now. It’s an excellent VPN with intriguing features and positive reviews. The VPN also provides cutting-edge security measures to keep you safe online.

A safe, dependable, and comparatively simple VPN to use is ExpressVPN. The VPN allows for buffer-free HD streaming.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch State of Origin Game 3 in New Zealand on 9Now

ExpressVPN is a top-notch virtual private network provider that offers customers access to a vast server network spread across 105 countries and more than 3000+ servers.

MediaStreamer is a great substitute for people who don’t need the complete encryption provided by ExpressVPN. Users can use 9Now from anywhere in the world without being constrained by geographic constraints and yet have quick connection speeds.


ExpressVPN is quite secure with its sophisticated security features. It has 256-bit encryption, a Threat Manager, and the Lightway Security Protocol. While being anonymous, you can simply access streaming services from anywhere in the world.

Among others, ExpressVPN can unblock Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu.  It works with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Xbox, and more platforms. Watch the top 9Now shows right now with the help of this trustworthy VPN.

The best ExpressVPN subscription plan, which starts at NZ$10.78/mo (US$6.67/mo) (Save 49% and receive 3 extra months FREE with a 12-month plan), is also available. Don’t miss the thrilling third State of Origin Game, which will air on 9Now. Today, download the suggested ExpressVPN to access 9Now from any location.

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State of Origin game 3 airing on Nine / 9Now in NZ.

You can watch State of Origin in NZ on Nine / 9Now.

To stream the State of Origin for free in New Zealand, you must use a VPN with an Australian server to get around the geo-block.

Wrap Up

Geo-restrictions shouldn’t prevent you from watching the exciting State of Origin Game 3! Using ExpressVPN, you can watch State of Origin Game 3 in New Zealand on 9Now and support your preferred team from anywhere in the country.

You can watch every thrilling moment of the game thanks to ExpressVPN’s enormous server network and cutting-edge features, which guarantee a flawless viewing experience. With ExpressVPN, you can say goodbye to restrictions and welcome excitement.

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