How to Watch Steven Universe Future on HBO Max in New Zealand

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You must be surfing online to watch episodes of Steven Universe Future on HBO Max in New Zealand. You can install ExpressVPN, the best NZ VPN to unblock content in New Zealand.

Steven Universe is a Sci-Fi animated series featuring Steven, a human-alien hybrid who has inherited special powers from her mother. He comes across a trio of the Crystal Gem guardians that train young Steven to fight against the notorious Monster Steven.

The Steven Universe Future IMDB is well-received with 7.6 out of 10 and is coming to an end with an epilogue that is available to watch on HBO Max. Since the VoD service is not available abroad, you will need a VPN that can mask your IP address to unblock HBO Max in NZ.

Now we will share with you easy steps to unblock and watch Steven Universe Future on HBO Max in New Zealand.

How to Watch Steven Universe Future on HBO Max in New Zealand [Easy Steps]

If you want to watch the finale of Steven Universe Future in New Zealand, A VPN is all you need to change your IP.

  • Sign-up for an ExpressVPN subscription.
  • Download and launch its easy-to-use app on your streaming device.
  • Sign in to the app using your credentials.
  • Navigate to the server list and connect to an American server (Recommended: New York).
  • Go to HBO Max and be ready to watch Steven Universe Future on HBO Max in New Zealand.

NOTE: HBO Max is a prepaid service. To watch Steven Universe Future on HBO Max in New Zealand you will need to purchase its subscription plan. You can cancel your HBO Max subscription at any time of the day.

Where to watch Steven Universe?

You can stream the entire animated series of Steven Universe on HBO Max including the epilogue series.

Since HBO Max does not have the right to air its content in NZ, you will need a reliable source VPN to complete the HBO Max sign-up process. A VPN can also bypass the platform’s geo-restrictions so you can watch Steven Universe Future HBO Max.

What is the Release Date of Steven Universe Future on HBO Max in New Zealand?

The Steven Universe Future release date has surfaced on the internet. The first episode of the epilogue series aired on Cartoon Network on December 7, 2019 and is currently streaming on HBO Max. The movie came out on September 2, 2019 also on HBO Max.

What is Steven Universe Future About?

Steven Universe Future is the successor to Steven Universe (TV series) created by Rebecca Sugar. This epilogue starts right after Steven confronts the White Diamond who had taken his gem.

The epilogue progresses with Steven helping out the Gem guardians in daily-life routines and also reminiscing about things he can not fix. The show taps into serious subjects such as gender, race, and LGBTQ.

Here are the details of each episode:

Episode 1: Little Homeschool

The first episode revolves around the tardy gem that is absent from Little Homeschool. In the second episode, Amethyst assists the less fortunate gems in job hunting.

Episode 2: Guidance 

Amethyst helps young gems find jobs, Steven, however, is not fond of her career counseling approach.

Episode 3: Rose Buds

Some old friends come to visit young Steven at Beach City, Malvara. He also gets to acquaint new friends.

Episode 4: Volleyball

Steven and Pink Diamond head to the reef to heal Pink’s scar.

Episode 5: Bluebird

Steven is annoyed by Azurite’s pranks and questions her motives.

Episode 6: A Very Special Episode

Steven has to make a choice to either attend the seminar or hang out with Onion and Rainbow Quartz 2.0.

Episode 7: Snow Day

After the Crystal guardians and Steven get snowed, they finally get to spare time to be together.

Episode 8: Why So Blue

Steven gets a tip that a pair of notorious gems are scheming to destroy the world. Steven then asks for help.

Episode 9: Little Graduation

Little Homeschool is finally graduating. Steven and the guardian gems are enthused to celebrate the event.

Episode 10: Prickly Pair

Cactus Steven has grown limbs and is scheming against Steven.

Episode 11: In Dreams

Steven’s bedroom TV is casting his dreams.

Episode 12: Bismuth Casual

Bismuth is invited to the skating rink where she is advocated to make fruitful human relations. Steven is having a hard-time making relations.

Episode 13: Together Forever

Connie has had a vision of her life during college. Steven just wants to make sure that he is part of her college life.

Episode 14: Growing Pains

Steven and Connie go to the hospital because Steven has been morphing in terrible ways.

Episode 15: Mr. Universe

Steven feels like a wet weekend and so Greg takes him on a road trip. The duo crashes into Greg’s childhood place where he got his last name.

Episode 16: Fragments

Steven heads to the wood with a mentor to learn to control his powers. However, Steven only cares about his precious cookie cats.

Episode 17: Homeworld Bound

Steven is helpless and heads to the Pink Diamonds to learn to control his powers.

Episode 18: Everything’s Fine

Steven is having a meltdown and his friends and family are worried-sick. He suddenly morphs drastically.

Episode 19: I Am My Monster 

Steven’s family is trying to help him recover from his morphed condition.

Episode 20: The Future

Steven is moving out and does not know how to say goodbye.

Is there any Steven Universe Future Trailer Available on HBO Max?

Here is the Steven Universe Future HBO trailer. However, there is a four-part special trailer for the upcoming Steven Universe Future episode 1 and 2. The trailer is published by GameSpot Universe (YouTube).

Who is in the Cast of Steven Universe Future?

Steven Universe Future is created by Rebecca Sugar and is voiced by the following talented voice actors.

Steven Universe Future Cast
Voice-actors Role
Zach Callison Steven Universe
Indya Moore Shep
Estelle Garnet
Deedee Magno Pearl
Grace Rolek Connie Maheswaran

What are the details of the HBO Max Subscription Plans for Steven Universe Future?

HBO Max comes in three subscription plans for streaming Steven Universe Future. You will need a well-encrypted VPN to pay for HBO Max cost in New Zealand and watch the epilogue seamlessly.

Payment Plans HBO Max (Ad-powered) HBO Max (Ad-free)
Monthly plan $9.99/month (NZD 15.95/month) $15.99/month (NZD 25.54/month)
Yearly plan $99.99/year (NZD 159.69/year) $149.99/year (NZD 239.54/year)

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to Watch Steven Universe Future on HBO Max in New Zealand?

With extremely fast data centers and lightweight protocols, ExpressVPN is entitled the best VPN to watch Steven Universe Future on HBO Max in New Zealand. It encrypts web traffic and lets you geo-binge at a confident 89.78 Mbps speed.


This VPN offers 3000+ servers in 105 countries. Also includes 25 server locations in the US.

If your streaming device does not particularly work with VPNs, you can install the MediaStreamer on your device. It is a DNS service powered by ExpressVPN that specializes in improving your geo-streaming experience.

ExpressVPN is praised for its broad compatibility. You can rev it up for major OSes including Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS.

This means you can download and launch ExpressVPN on devices such as PC, iPhones, iPad, Android phones, and Macbooks. Interestingly, you can enjoy ExpressVPN’s service on five devices concurrently.

Once you choose ExpressVPN you can enable astonishing security features such as the DNS protection, split tunneling, no logs, light-way protocol, automatic kill-switch, and double-quick connections.

ExpressVPN has an amazing trust center that hosts customer-care service and features 24/7 live-chat support just so you can get back on your online activities as soon as possible.

If you can not compromise your online safety you can count on ExpressVPN to fulfill your demands. You can purchase it for NZ$10.91/mo (US$ 6.67/mo)- Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free including a 30-day refund policy.

Steven Universe Future on HBO Max


Yes, you can watch Steven Universe Future on HBO Max in New Zealand. But you will need help from a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN that masks your IP address and ensures a buffer-free connectivity to sign-up and stream HBO Max outside the US premises.

Yes, you can watch Steven Universe Future watch online free only if you subscribe to HBO Max and avail the HBO Max free trial. After the free trial is over you will be charged a subscription fee unless you cancel the subscription right on time.

To change your location on HBO Max simply tap on the ‘ellipsis’ icon, navigate through servers for your desired location. Once you have selected your desired location, click on the power-icon to connect and that is how to change your location on HBO Max. Plain and simple.

You can watch Steven Universe Future and the best movies on HBO Max, Cartoon Network, Spectrum TV, Hulu, Vudu, Prime Video, and Apple TV. 

Wrapping Up

The finale for Steven Universe is streaming on HBO Max. We hope that our guide to watch Steven Universe Future on HBO Max in New Zealand in 2023 answers your query on “Steven Universe Future where to watch?” Make sure to get a premium VPN to follow our guide.

ExpressVPN can help you binge-watch the most popular shows on HBO Max. It can encrypt your online presence and ensure you the best geo-streaming experience across the globe.

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