How to Watch Superchef Grudge Match on Discovery Plus in New Zealand?

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watch-superchef-grudge-match-on-discovery-plus-in-new-zealandIs Superchef Grudge Match on Discovery Plus? Yes, it is available on Discovery Plus. To Watch Superchef Grudge Match on Discovery Plus in New Zealand, you’ll need a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

Discovery+ content licensing does not allow you to stream some content outside the US. Therefore, it is not possible to watch all content in New Zealand. However, a VPN will help you to access the content library and watch Discovery Plus in NZ.

ExpressVPN will help you to avoid licensing issues by connecting to the US server and you can watch Superchef Grudge Match on Discovery+ in New Zealand without any interruption.

This article will guide you on how to stream Superchef Grudge Match on Discovery Plus in New Zealand.

How do I Watch Superchef Grudge Match on Discovery Plus in New Zealand – [Easy Steps]

If you want to watch Superchef Grudge Match on Discovery Plus in New Zealand, these easy steps will guide you:

  • Get a reliable VPN subscription, like ExpressVPN.
  • Select your preferred subscription package.
  • Join a US server, preferably the New York Server.
  • Go to the Discovery Plus website and sign in.
  • Watch Superchef Grudge Match on Discovery Plus in New Zealand!

Where Can We Watch Superchef Grudge Match (2023)?


You can watch Superchef Grudge on Discovery Plus through the Food Network Channel. Like many other popular channels, Discovery Plus owns this channel as well.

You will need a VPN to access Superchef Grudge Match on discovery plus in New Zealand. Make sure to subscribe to a super-fast VPN like ExpressVPN before getting a Discovery+ subscription.

Also if you are a new subscriber, you can get Discovery Plus free trial of 7 days.

When is Superchef Grudge Match Coming on Discovery+?

The Superchef Grudge Match release date is February 7, 2023. You will be able to watch this show on the Food Network channel on Discovery Plus.

However, a VPN will be required to access Discovery Plus from New Zealand. We recommend ExpressVPN as it will help smooth streaming on Discovery Plus.

What is the Storyline of Superchef Grudge Match on Discovery+?

The plot of Superchef Grudge Match is based on competition among chefs. The host of the show is Darnell Ferguson who brings in chefs from all over the country to compete.

The main objective is to resolve professional and somewhat personal differences in the competition. The competition is a one-dish, one-round fight where the winner takes all.

Everyone knows about the egos of chefs. Some chefs can be so arrogant and not at all understanding. They can’t hear a word criticizing their cooked food.

Now imagine, such a person competing with another chef aiming to win it at all costs just to satisfy their ego.

The main plot is that the two chefs who have personal or professional grudges are invited to compete against one another. Their rivalry is allowed to heat the competition.

The winning gifts are unbelievable. We are sure no one can imagine such winning gifts. The winners get a $10,000 reward, a super coveted knife from the losing chef’s knife collection, and lifetime bragging rights.

You can say that this show is a competition of personal grudges and professional skills. However, skills do not defeat grudges here. Personal rivalry can be seen at its worst when the Superchefs compete in this show.

What is the Cast of Superchef Grudge Match?

The Superchef Grudge Match cast includes so many expert chefs. Some of the cast members of this show are as follows;

  • Jet Tila
  • Darnell Ferguson: Host
  • Brian Malarkey
  • Justin Warner
  • Madeleine Lemay
  • Antonia Lofaso
  • Stephanie Izard
  • Simon Majumdar
  • Claudia Sandoval
  • Darron Jay Morgan
  • Carlos Anthony
  • Drew Bent
  • Shota Nakajima

Is there any Trailer Available of Superchef Grudge Match on Discovery Plus?

Yes, you can watch the Superchef Grudge Match trailer here:

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Superchef Grudge Match on Discovery Plus in New Zealand?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Superchef Grudge Match on Discovery Plus in New Zealand, offering 89.67 Mbps speed.

There are over 3000+ servers spread throughout 105 countries, including the US.


ExpressVPN unblocks Discovery Plus and its channels in New Zealand without any server disconnections.

Recommended Servers: New York and Chicago.

Using the New York server, we were able to watch This is Life with Lisa Ling S9, Kindred Spirits S7, Real Life Nightmares S4, Prisoner of the Prophet, and other Discovery Plus shows without interruptions. That’s why ExpressVPN’s the best NZ VPN for streaming.

The IKEv4 protocol and the latest strong encryption, 256-bit AES encryption, are used by this VPN to secure and protect your data.

Additionally offered features are VPN split tunneling, a kill switch, a light-way protocolIP hiding, a no-log policy, and many other characteristics.

Windows, Android, Linux, Apple TVSmart TV, iOS, and Roku are all supported with this ExpressVPN. With the same subscription, you may use this VPN on up to five different devices.

This VPN’s MediaStreamer Tool feature helps you to use it on gadgets that aren’t typically well-suited with VPNs.

ExpressVPN costs only NZ$11.19/mo (US$ 6.67/mo)- Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free; with a one-year package, you can get 3 more months for free as well as a 49% discount. There is also a money-back guarantee available with this offer.

Superchef Grudge Match


Is Superchef Grudge Match a reality show?

Yes, it’s a real game program called The Superchef Grudge Match. A one-dish, one-round cooking competition, it involves competitive cooks from all around the nation.

The winner receives a $10,000 cash award along with the honor of defeating their food rival.

How many seasons of Superchef Grudge Match are there?

Superchef Grudge Match currently only has one season. The season may contain as many as 9 episodes, though.

On February 7, 2023, the Food Network will air this season. Get a VPN to watch Superchef Grudge Match on Discovery Plus in New Zealand.

Who has directed Superchef Grudge Match?

Regarding the direction of the Superchef Grudge Match, there is yet no formal statement. However, J. Patrick Adair is the producer of this reality show.

Wrap up!

This easy guide will help you to watch Superchef Grudge Match on Discovery Plus in New Zealand using ExpressVPN. The Discovery Plus platform is full of exceptional reality shows, movies, and dramas.

Superchef Grudge Match will premiere on 7th February 2023 – mark your calendars and make sure to subscribe to ExpressVPN.

We hope this article was helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Enjoy streaming!

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