How to Watch S.W.A.T on Paramount Plus in New Zealand

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CBS has breathed life into Robert Hamner’s S.W.A.T (1975) series and has blessed us with a brand-new rendition on the Paramount+ CBS network! Learn more on how to watch S.W.A.T on Paramount Plus in New Zealand with a VPN like ExpressVPN. You can easily access Paramount Plus in NZ with a reliable VPN service.

The S.W.A.T. series is known for its action-packed, high-stakes police procedural drama, featuring a talented cast of actors who portray members of an elite Special Weapons and Tactics team as they take on various dangerous missions and confront complex social issues.

If you are finding out the SWAT Season 6 release date, the show is already airing on Paramount Plus. Episode 22 of season 6 of S.W.A.T., titled Legacy will aired on May 19 and the last episode will be this Friday.

The show has been praised for its realistic portrayal of police work and its thoughtful exploration of timely topics such as race, and community policing. You can watch SWAT trailer, to know more about the series, if you haven’t watched it yet.

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How to Watch S.W.A.T on Paramount Plus in New Zealand – Quick Steps

To watch S.W.A.T on Paramount Plus in New Zealand, follow these steps, carefully:

  1. Choose a reputable VPN provider such as ExpressVPN and create an account.
  2. Install the ExpressVPN application on the device you’ll use for streaming.
  3. Launch the app and establish a connection to a recommended server located in New York, US.
  4. Log in to your Paramount Plus account using your credentials.
  5. Navigate to the content library and watch S.W.A.T on Paramount Plus in New Zealand.

After connecting to an American server, the first thing you’ll need is to pay Paramount Plus cost if you are a new user. You can sign up for the Paramount Plus free trial before committing to membership.

If you’re looking to unsubscribe from Paramount Plus don’t hesitate to cancel Paramount Plus subscription anytime. You won’t be charged for cancelling Paramount Plus.

Where can I watch S.W.A.T full season?

Do you want to know where to watch SWAT Season 6? You will need Paramount+ CBS to catch up on the latest installment of the series.

If you are anxious to know why is SWAT season 4 not on Paramount Plus, it is because the streaming site did not have broadcasting rights in the initial seasons.

Paramount+ CBS bundle offers a treasure trove of the best shows on Paramount Plus, including Queen of the Universe Season 2, which you can enjoy in your free time. However, remember to subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN to watch all your favorites on Paramount Plus in New Zealand.

When is S.W.A.T Coming on Paramount Plus?

When does SWAT come on Paramount Plus is a frequently asked question. S.W.A.T. is currently airing on Paramount Plus. Will there be a season 6 of SWAT? Yes, season 6 has been released. Season 6 Episode 22 titled ‘Legacy’ will air on May 19th at 8 PM (EST) on CBS (Paramount Plus). 

If you are finding out what time does SWAT come on, it airs every Friday at 8pm ET. Speaking of the finale, the final episode of S.W.A.T season 6 is currently scheduled to air on May 19, 2023.

As the season progresses, fans can expect to see how the storylines unfold for the main characters, and how the season ultimately culminates in the final episode.

If you are curious about When will SWAT return?, it has been confirmed by the spokesperson of CBS and Sony Pictures Television Studios that the series will return with a 13-episode season set to come out in 2023-24.

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What is the Storyline of  S.W.A.T Season 6?

The sixth season of S.W.A.T follows the elite Special Weapons and Tactics team of the Los Angeles Police Department as they tackle some of the toughest cases in the city.

The team faces new challenges as they navigate the aftermath of a deadly earthquake and the rise of a dangerous new gang threatening to take over the city’s criminal underworld.

Along the way, the team also confronts personal issues and struggles, testing their loyalty and commitment to each other. With high-stakes action and intense drama, S.W.A.T season 6 promises to be a thrilling ride for fans of the series. If you are thinking where can I watch SWAT season 6, Paramount Plus is the answer.

For those of you wondering, when is SWAT coming back? Amy Reisenbach, president of CBS and Katherine Pope, president of Sony Pictures Television Studios have acknowledged the fans’ anticipation and love for the show. They have signed an agreement for a brand-new 13-episode season of S.W.A.T slated for 2023-24.

What is the Cast of S.W.A.T Season 6

S.W.A.T. Season 6 boasts an impressive ensemble cast, featuring Shemar Moore as the lead actor, playing the role of Sergeant Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson.

Here is the entire cast of S.W.A.T. season 6:

Actor Character
Shemar Moore Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson
Alex Russell Jim Street
Jay Harrington David “Deacon” Kay
Lina Esco Christina “Chris” Alonso
David Lim Victor Tan
Patrick St. Esprit Commander Robert Hicks
Amy Farrington Lieutenant Piper Lynch
Bre Blair Annie Kay
Louis Ferreira William “Buck” Spivey
Wendy Crewson Karen Street
Aina Dumlao Lieutenant Nora Fowler
Debbie Allen Charice Harrelson
Kenneth Mitchell Eddie
Nick Wechsler Cole
Gabrielle Walsh Eva
Zayne Emory J.J.

How many episodes are there of  S.W.A.T Season 6?

There are 22 episodes of season 6. In Season 6 of S.W.A.T., the team faces a new set of challenges as they work to protect and serve their community in Los Angeles.

With the departure of one of their own, Chris Alonso, the team must navigate changes in their dynamics as they welcome a new member, Officer Alexis Cabrera, played by Brigitte Kali Canales.

Here are the details of all the episodes:

Episode Episode Name Air Date Episode Description
S06E01 Thai Hard October 7, 2022 While in Bangkok to undergo training with Thailand’s esteemed S.W.A.T. team, Hondo and his ex-military companion unexpectedly discover an extensive heroin enterprise that connects to Los Angeles. They soon become fugitives, pursued by a formidable drug lord.
S06E02 Thai Another Day October 14, 2022 Hondo, Deacon, and Tan join forces with Thailand’s top S.W.A.T. team to halt a merciless drug lord whose heroin enterprise extends its influence to Los Angeles.
S06E03 Whoa Black Betty October 28, 2022 As the team’s armored vehicle is stolen, they are faced with the urgent task of preventing it from being utilized in a potential terrorist attack. Meanwhile, amidst the chaos, Hondo and Nischelle prepare for their baby’s gender reveal party.
S06E04 Maniak October 28, 2022 A convicted killer’s prison break prompts the team to shield those on his hit list, while Hondo encounters a former flame by chance.
S06E05 Unraveling November 4, 2022 As the team halts a department store robbery, they suspect a hidden, more malicious motive behind the crime. Hondo assigns Street to establish a connection with Powell after her insubordination during a mission.
S06E06 Checkmate November 18, 2022 As a cop close to dismantling a significant drug operation gets kidnapped, Hondo and the squad strive to rescue their comrade before it becomes too late. Meanwhile, Luca becomes anxious about noticeable shifts in Hicks’ demeanor.
S06E07 Sequel December 2, 2022, An intruder targets a Hollywood actress, leading Hondo and the team to collaborate with a former foe to pursue a dangerous criminal. Meanwhile, Tan finds difficulty finding his spouse’s ideal anniversary gift.
S06E08 Guacaine December 9, 2022, During a bustling food truck festival, the team confronts a ruthless cartel desperate to reclaim a missing drug shipment, escalating the violence.
S06E09 Pariah January 6, 2023, As random shootings unfold, a team member’s family ties hold the potential to prevent the next assault. Hondo braces to meet Rochelle’s parents, while Tan supports Luca through a delicate predicament.
S06E10 Witness January 13, 2023, The SWAT team scrambles to find a kidnapped boy from a homeless shelter. Street’s past influences his judgment, while Hondo and Nichelle clash over their spiritual beliefs.
S06E11 Atonement January 20, 2023, The team collaborates with the FBI to investigate a car bombing linked to a terrorist organization plotting an attack in Los Angeles. A personal tragedy sheds light on the origins of Deacon’s faith.
S06E12 Addicted February 3, 2023, The team urgently intervenes as a gunman targets rehab centers and seeks vengeance for his brother’s death. Deacon’s wife’s parenting decision surprises him and affects their daughter unexpectedly.
S06E13 Lion’s Share February 10, 2023, The team races against time to halt a violent rampage linked to a distressing episode from Hicks’ past.
S06E14 Gut Punch February 24, 2023, SWAT teams up with Major Crimes for a critical operation to rescue an undercover officer entangled in a perilous crime syndicate.
S06E15 To Protect and Serve March 3, 2023, Hicks pushes for SWAT’s involvement in Patrol Day to foster community connections, keeping Hondo and Deacon busy mentoring new recruits. Meanwhile, Tan investigates a personal mystery while on suspension.
S06E16 Blowback March 10, 2023, As classified information gets compromised, the team hurries to thwart a perilous scheme targeting ex-military personnel. Meanwhile, Luca faces a tough decision when a family member becomes unexpectedly ill.
S06E17 Stockholm March 31, 2023, Teaming up with the FBI, the squad pursues a highly sought-after fugitive. Meanwhile, Hondo and Nichelle confront an unforeseen development in her pregnancy.
S06E18 Genesis April 7, 2023, Following a bloody armored truck heist, the team rushes to recover invaluable jewels before further casualties occur. Meanwhile, Hondo welcomes a visit from his mother, Charice.
S06E19 Bunkies April 21, 2023, In a race against time, the team strives to unmask the kidnappers who have taken a prison guard’s family captive. Meanwhile, Tan grapples with a challenging personal choice.
S06E20 All That Glitters May 05, 2023, As a crew targets elderly victims in a series of violent home robberies, the team hastens to thwart their crimes. Hondo’s former Marine squad leader, Danny Wright, also seeks his assistance when his daughter goes missing.
S06E21 Forget Shorty May 12, 2023, SWAT joins forces with DEA, led by Mack Boyle, for a major gang sweep, uncovering a dangerous cartel infiltrating the city. Additionally, Hicks commemorates a significant anniversary.
S06E22 Legacy May 19, 2023, The team, along with DEA’s tough leader Mack Boyle, battles a vengeful cartel boss wreaking havoc in Los Angeles to avenge his son’s death.

Do you want to know how many seasons of SWAT are there? Until now, six seasons of SWAT have been aired and season 7 is on its way with 13 new episodes.

Is there a trailer for S.W.A.T Season 6?

Yes, there is a quick-peak SWAT trailer, featuring the bossy return of the SWAT team. Here it is:

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S.W.A.T. is available to stream on Paramount+. There are a total of 6 seasons of S.W.A.T on Paramount Plus. To stream the series on Paramount Plus in UK, you need a quality VPN like ExpressVPN
There has been speculation that the character of Alexis Cabrera, portrayed by Brigitte Kali Canales, was being primed to replace Chris in 20-David Squad. 
Worried, “is SWAT cancelled?”  No, S.W.A.T is not cancelled. Its season 7 with 13 episodes is expected in 2023-24.

Wrap Up

New episodes of SWAT season 6 are broadcasted on CBS (Paramount Plus) on Fridays at 8 pm ET/PT. Viewers who want to watch S.W.A.T on Paramount Plus in New Zealand can access the series with the help of a quality VPN.

For a smooth and secure streaming of SWAT new episodes, we suggest using ExpressVPN. Users can also take advantage of its 30-day money-back guarantee. We vouch for ExpressVPN as it is fast and reliable to use. Happy Streaming!

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