Watch The 12th Victim in New Zealand on Showtime

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Watch The 12th Victim in New Zealand on Showtime

Explore this infamous 1958 murder case which involved the brutal killing of eleven random victims. Get your gadgets ready and learn how to watch The 12th Victim in New Zealand on Showtime. The series premieres on February 17th, 2023, on Showtime. It’s an original series you should not miss.

You can access Showtime anywhere in the US and its territories. Since the platform has a streaming license only in America, it will not be accessible to streamers in New Zealand and other locations. The 12th Victim streaming experience will be halted by geo-blocks preventing you from enjoying Showtime content.

The good news, though, is it’s easy to bypass these restrictions with a VPN connection. It will generate a US IP address that Showtime recognizes. The IP address serves as your ticket to access Showtime in New Zealand. You need not perform complex steps and let the VPN work wonders for you.

Watch The 12th Victim in New Zealand on Showtime – [Easy Steps]

Watching the 12th Victim series is easy if you follow the steps below. It’s a straightforward guide that streamers can do in minutes.

  • Subscribe to a top VPN. (We strongly recommend ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install the VPN on any of your streaming devices.
  • Connect to the USA server.
  • Open the Showtime website or app on your preferred device.
  • Search for The 12th Victim and enjoy the show.

Where Can I Watch The 12th Victim in New Zealand Online?

The 12th Victim documentary is available through Showtime. Streamers can easily access the platforms once they have a VPN connection to their devices. You might meet some restrictions while using the app in New Zealand. Remember that you’ll only do the steps above once, and you are good to go.

When does The 12th Victim 2023 Premiere on Showtime? – Release Date & Time?

The 12th Victim Showtime premiere will be on February 17, 2023, at 8 PM ET/PT. Watching the docuseries will be an excellent way to cap off the work week and welcome the weekend. It might be a complicated watch for some, but you cannot remove the streamer’s curious minds about this murder case.

What is the 12th Victim Showtime 2023 About?

The documentary focuses on teen couple Carli Ann Fugate and Charles Starkweather. They were convicted of killing eleven people in 1957 and 1958. Starkweather was 19 then and murdered eleven people in Wyoming and Nebraska. His girlfriend, Fugate, who was 14, accompanied him during the killings.

The series will reexamine the guilty verdict of Fugate, who received a life sentence for first-degree murder but was later paroled in 1976. The show will present footage, film, and television series inspired by the killings. Ensure to anticipate The 12th Victim release date to know more.

How Many Parts are Available of The 12th Victim 2023 Docuseries?

It will be a four-part docuseries expected to shed new light on what happened in the 1958 killing. Viewers can expect interviews from people close to the murder case. As the series reexamines the case, it will show Fugate as a ‘not willing participant’ and instead a minor held hostage by his boyfriend.

Who’s in the Cast of The 12th Victim 2023?

When you watch The 12th Victim trailer, you might have seen some of the following cast who appeared in the clip, including the following:

Actor/Actress Name Role Portrayed
Eric Tiede and Jason Marrs Charles Starkweather
Phebe E. Bohart Older Caril Ann Fugate
Ivy Votolato Young Caril Ann Fugate
Hannah Hedrick Velda Bartlett
Jason Flowers Police Officer
Ryan Rohtla Police Officer
Jianna Bergen Juanita Bell
Colleen Bisenieks Clara Ward
Chad Winkles Psychiatrist
Jesse Vilinsky Cold Open
Ashley Bell Juanita Bell
David Lodge Fahrnbruch, Bailiff
Jordan Monsell Elmer Scheele
Jim Rose Radio Announcer
Michael Hogan Radio Announcer

How Long is The 12th Victim 2023?

A streamer might spend at least thirty minutes to an hour for every episode. As you already know, Showtime shows, especially web and television series, typically have similar estimated running times.

Is The 12th Victim 2023 Based on a True Crime Story?

Yes, it is. If you check some news about the 1957 and 1958 killings in Wyoming and Nebraska, you’ll find more stories about the murder case. The docuseries is also based on the book The 12th Victim: The Innocence of Caril Fugate in the Starkweather Murder Rampage.

How Many Seasons and Episodes are Available in The 12th Victim 2023?

There is only one season so far for The 12th Victim. The show is unlike the fictional series you’d watch, which might need a second season. The show’s four episodes will be enough to cover all the points the show wants to present.

Is There Any Trailer For The 12th Victim?

Yes, there is. The clip opened with Fugate saying she did not kill them (victims). It then transitioned to presenting some interviews who know the case very well. Viewers will also be treated with reenactments and old footage of the arrest of Fugate and Starkweather.

As you already know, the docuseries will heavily focus on Fugate’s participation in the killings and if she is innocent. Get your Showtime subscription and never miss an episode once the series drops next Friday.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch The 12th Victim in New Zealand on Showtime?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch The 12th Victim in New Zealand on Showtime because it easily bypasses geo-restrictions. No need for a Showtime cancellation since the provider allows you access after setting up the VPN on your device. Whether it’s a Showtime free trial or a full subscription, you can trust ExpressVPN to remove all the geo-blocks.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch The 12th Victim in New Zealand on Showtime

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Its MediaStreamer feature enables all gadgets not recognizing VPN connections to connect to ExpressVPN and use all its services. In fact, you can enjoy and enhance the streaming experience with this feature.

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Is The 12th Victim based on true docuseries?

Yes, it is. The characters in the series might have actors portraying them, but the events presented on the show are all based on actual scenarios. In fact, you’ll hear more about the murder case when you listen to people who are close to the case.

Who directed The 12th Victim 2023?

Nicola Marsh is the Director of The 12th Victim docuseries. She’s also a cinematographer who worked on the Oscar-winning documentary, Twenty Feet From Stardom. Marsh also is the director of the 2022 documentary Stay on Board: The Leo Baker Story.

Where is The 12th Victim Showtime 2023 Filmed?

The 12th Victim was filmed in the United States. While the specific location was not announced, the production is from America and Showtime, a US-based broadcasting and streaming platform.

Wrap Up

The curious ones will likely anticipate and watch The 12th Victim in New Zealand on Showtime to know the other side of the story, which is Caril Ann Fugate’s innocence. Remember that an ExpressVPN connection will always be handy to bypass all geo-restrictions.

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