How to Watch The Band That Wouldn’t Die in New Zealand

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When ESPN met with Barry Levinson to ask him to be a part of the 30 for 30 ESPN Series which started during their thirtieth anniversary, so he could write a story of his choice but must be related to sports. For new generations fans, the series will be coming to Disney plus and this article will explain how to watch the Band That Wouldn’t Die in New Zealand by using a VPN.

Wondering what the VPN is for? The answer is that, due to the location restrictions implemented by Disney Plus on countries outside their jurisdiction, it is impossible to access their content unless you use the best NZ VPN to bypass their restrictions.

How you can do it is exposed below:

Watch The Band That Wouldn’t Die in New Zealand – [Quick Steps]

Using a VPN to watch The Band That Wouldn’t Die on Disney+ is not a hard task to achieve when you know the due process to follow, and here are some easy steps you can use to utilize the VPN for your purpose.

  • Find a suitable VPN service provider. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  • Download the VPN app and log in using your credentials.
  • After signing in, log in to your account and connect to a server that can access Disney Plus content and titles
  • Log in to your Disney account if you have one, or subscribe, and start streaming the movie alongside the multitude of movies in the Disney Plus Content Library.

What is The Band That Wouldn’t Die About?

In comparison to most of the other movies in the 30 for 30s series, the band that wouldn’t die plot is a one-hour-long documentary on a marching band that gave the city’s football supporters reason for hope. You don’t have to care about sports to be moved by the movie’s stirring tale of individuals battling for what they hold dear.

As Levinson said, When I came across the story of the Baltimore Colts Marching Band, and how it continued to march despite the loss of its team, I found something uniquely Baltimorian about it. Here was a band that played on without a team, marching at civic events, Thanksgiving Day parades, and half-time shows for other NFL teams, keeping football alive in Baltimore.

None of them were paid, yet the band held membership of 150 strong for the 12 years Baltimore didn’t have an NFL team.

In 1996 when Baltimore finally got an NFL team (Cleveland) after 12 years of not having a football team, they renamed the team Ravens after Edgar Allan Poe, who died drunk in a gutter in Baltimore.

When will ESPN’s 30 for 30 movie The Band That Wouldn’t Die be released on Disney+?

Although the series was previously released in Volume 1 of the 30 for 30 series in 2009, the movie would be added to the list of ESPN plus movies coming to Disney plus, and it would be making its second premiere on the 2nd of September 2022.

Who is in The Band That Wouldn’t Die cast?

The originality and genuineness of the movie speak for themselves because The Band That Wouldn’t Die Cast is made of entirely people from Baltimore, some of which appeared only through the archived footage that was stored during the trying times, The cast for the movie includes:

  • Vince Bagli – Radio Announcer
  • Bob Douglas Self – Former Press Secretary to Mayor
  • Craig Harvey – Music Director
  • William H. Hudnut – Mayor of Indianapolis
  • Jim Irsay
  • Robert Irsay (archive footage), the owner of the Baltimore Colts
  • Barry Levinson Self and also the director
  • Danny O’Toole appears as himself – Former Band Member
  • Ken Ryland(Self) – Mayflower Moving, who helped in transporting the Baltimore Colts to Indianapolis in the first place
  • William D. Schaefer(Self) Governor
  • Bill Turcand appeared as himself and he was Vice-President
  • Johnny Unitas also appeared as himself in one of the numerous archive footage.
  • Jack Vaeth(Self) as Dr. Jack Vaeth
  • Harry Wacker (Self) Music Director Emeritus
  • Charlene Ziemann(Self)- Band Director
  • John Ziemann – Band President

Is ESPN still making 30 for 30s?

Yes, ESPN is still making movies in the 30 for 30 franchise, as of the time of this writing, there are 105 movies spread across four Volumes for the series, in 2022 alone, there are four movies in the series and they are The Tuck Rule (2022), Shark (2022), The Greatest Mixtape Ever (2022), and Dream On (2022).

The 30 for 30 series may also have one more volume, but the news is not confirmed yet, but one thing is sure, Disney is planning on dropping eight more in the series in the next nine months.

What is the most popular 30 for 30?

While there are over a hundred movies in the ESPN 30 for 30 franchise, there are various metrics that can be used to pick the best, but if the most popular film is going to be picked, it would be The Two Escobars.

The documentary shows how the ascent and decline of Colombian soccer paralleled the growth and fall of Pablo Escobar’s cocaine gang. The movie is a stunning combination of crime and sports, stretching to the murder of Andres and Pablo Escobar.

Directed by Jeff and Micheal Zimbalist, it is the best place 30 for 30 rookies to start watching the entire series.

What Else Do We Know About The Band That Wouldn’t Die movie?

For people who want to watch The Band That Wouldn’t Die on Disney+, there are not a lot of new things to know since the movie has already been released once before but the beautiful aspect of this movie is that, it shows the perspective of Colt Marching Band and also how the fans coped after their hometown team just disappeared overnight.

Is there any trailer for the 30 for 30 series The Band That Wouldn’t Die?

Yes, released on the 7th of February 2011, a trailer of the movie was released, and it is more of a compilation of the archived footage of the time the team was still in Baltimore coupled with some snippets of interviews with different people.

You can watch it here also:

Is there a Tested VPN to Watch The Band That Wouldn’t Die in New Zealand?

Yes, ExpresVPN is the tested VPN to watch The Bank That Wouldn’t Die in New Zealand because it has the ability to bypass the geo-restrictions placed. Read the description here:

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch The Band That Wouldn’t Die in New Zealand

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What Should I Watch on Disney+ in New Zealand (September 2022)?

There’s lots of new exciting content coming to watch on Disney+ in New Zealand but since the platform content based geo-restricted, you will be required to have a reliable VPN first to get access to Disney Plus content library of any region.

So, what’s new on Disney+ in September 2022? Following are the events, movies and shows that are new on Disney Plus in September 2022:

Run Ricky Run Wu-Tang An American Saga Season 3
Grid: Complete Season 1 Edge of the Unknown with Jimmy Chin
Going Fur Gold J-Hope in the Box
Mija Dancing With The Stars Season 31
Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks Rookie Cops
Women in Taipei The Call of the Wild
Under Wraps 2 Wild Crime Season 2


Where can I watch The Band That Wouldn’t Die?

After premiering on the 2nd of September 2022, you can watch the band that wouldn’t die on Disney Plus.

Who directed The Band That Wouldn’t Die from 30 for 30 series?

The ESPN 30 for 30 movies was directed by the academy award-winning director and screenwriter, Barry Levinson.

What is the IMDb rating of The Band That Wouldn’t Die?

The movie has an IMDb rating of 6.7 out of a possible 10.


Location restrictions can be a tough thing to handle when the process is not known. After reading this, you should know how to use ExpressVPN to watch The Band That Wouldn’t Die in New Zealand. So sit back and enjoy the story of the marching band and the fans of the Baltimore Colts.

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