How to Watch The Challenge: World Championship on Paramount Plus In New Zealand

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Are you wondering how to watch The Challenge: World Championship in New Zealand? You can watch the episodes on Paramount Plus in New Zealand using a VPN. Otherwise, the content licensing restrictions won’t let you access the show on the platform and you’ll end up questioning why can’t I watch The Challenge: World Championship on Paramount Plus.

Paramount+ has recently revealed The Challenge: World Championship trailer about the global championship competition among international contestants fighting the ultimate battle to win the global championship. Viewers excited about this reality competition need to sign up for the best VPN for Paramount+. Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN!

Let’s check out more details about where to watch The Challenge: World Championship as well as the trailer and its release date.

How to Watch The Challenge: World Championship on Paramount Plus In New Zealand (Quick Steps)

You can watch The Challenge: World Championship in New Zealand by simply following these steps:

  • Purchase an ExpressVPN subscription.
  • Install the VPN app and launch it.
  • Connect to the USA server (Recommended: USA – New York Server).
  • Enter the Paramount Plus website and log in.
  • Prep yourself to watch The Challenge: World Championship on Paramount Plus in New Zealand.

Where Can I Watch The Challenge: World Championship?

You can watch The Challenge: World Championship on Paramount Plus seamlessly.

Therefore, you will need to ensure to connect to a VPN to avoid getting geo-restricted in New Zealand. After you access the streaming service, you can binge-watch the watch The Challenge: World Championship in NZ and the best shows on Paramount Plus like FBI True and more.

On top of that, a Paramount Plus free trial lets you stream the episodes for seven days free.

Now that, you know where to stream The Challenge: World Championship, it’s time to know about The Challenge: World Championship premiere date.

When is The Challenge: World Championship Premiere on Paramount Plus?

The Challenge: World Championship premiere date is this Wednesday, March 8, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Canada and US Paramount Plus. In addition, Paramount+ also announced that there will be two back-to-back episodes of this grand battle of the Championship.

However, if you are from NZ, you must use the best VPN NZ which is ExpressVPN to access the USA-only Paramount Plus content.

What is The Challenge: World Championship Premiere About?

Here is an official synopsis of The Challenge: World Championship:

This series is the first-ever global tournament where each global MVP will team up with a Challenge Legend, an outstanding veteran of former seasons of The Challenge.

After that, all the teams will fight against each other through extreme tests. Then, the pair will serve in the form of the most notable teams to win all the difficult challenges. Finally, they will be able to create history in the franchise by winning the brutal final challenge worth $500,000.

It’s high time to check out the details about The Challenge: World Championship cast.

The Challenge: World Championship Cast

The Challenge: World Championship cast is listed below:

Challenge Legends Global MVPs World Championship Hosts
Amber Borzotra Ben Driebergen (The Challenge: USA) Brihony Dawson (The Challenge: Australia)
Darrell Taylor Danny McCray (The Challenge: USA) Mark Wright (The Challenge: UK)
Jodi Weatherton Justine Ndiba (The Challenge: USA) Alejandro “Marley” Wiebe (The Challenge: Argentina)
Johnny “Bananas” Emily Seebohm (The Challenge: Australia) T.J. Lavin (The Challenge: USA host, also the host of the MTV version)
DeVenanzio Grant Crapp (The Challenge: Australia)
Jonna Stephens Kiki Morris (The Challenge: Australia)
Jordan Wiseley Troy Cullen (The Challenge: Australia)
Kaycee Clark Sarah Lacina (The Challenge: USA)
KellyAnne Judd
Nelson Thomas
Nia Moore
Theo Campbell
Tori Deal
Wes Bergmann
Yes Duffy

Note: The other cast of The Challenge: Argentina and The Challenge: UK will be announced later on in the upcoming finale of each series.

When is The Challenge: World Championship Finale?

It is still not announced when The Challenge: World Championship finale will occur. Further, it is also unknown how many episodes will The Challenge: World Championship have.

But, it is anticipated that there will be at least 12 episodes of The Challenge: World Championship series exclusively on Paramount Plus.

Note: If you still haven’t signed up for Paramount Plus, hurry up. The Paramount Plus cost is super reasonable. You can even cancel Paramount Plus subscription if you think the platform isn’t for you.

Who was Disqualified from The Challenge: World Championship?

Nobody has been eliminated from The Challenge: World Championship so far as there have not been any battles yet. Further, there isn’t any announcement regarding The Challenge World Championship winners.

To find out who will be disqualified from The Challenge: World Championship, and more about The Challenge World Championship spoilers, you’ll need to check here throughout the season.

Who is The Challenge: World Championship’s Host?

The Challenge: World Championship is going to be hosted by all of the hosts from the global shows. That means There is more than just a single host who will be hosting The Challenge: World Championship.

So, the hosts are T.J. Lavin (The Challenge: USA host), and The Only Way is Essex star Mark Wright (also The Challenge: UK host). Moreover, World Championship’s hosts include Brihony Dawson (The Challenge: Australia host and TV presenter), and comedian Marley who is also a The Challenge: Argentina host.

Is There a Trailer for “The Challenge: World Championship”?

There is no official trailer for The Challenge: World Championship show so far. However, Paramount Plus has released an exclusive chip of what’s to come.

So, check out the sneak peek before you watch The Challenge: World Championship in New Zealand:

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch The Challenge: World Championship on Paramount Plus In New Zealand?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch The Challenge: World Championship in New Zealand because it offers highly optimized USA servers and super-fast streaming speed.

Not to mention, ExpressVPN offers 3000+ servers for more than 105 countries so that you can easily connect to the servers to access the best movies on Paramount Plus and shows such as, Rabbit Hole and School Spirits. Besides, just for the USA region, there are 23 server locations such as New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles and others.

We recommend connecting to the USA – New York server because it worked the best and didn’t interrupt our streaming of How The Tables Have Turned once:


Enjoy streaming The Challenge: World Championship on Paramount Plus in New Zealand with ExpressVPN.

On the other hand, the MediaStreamer DNS service feature will help connect VPN to your incompatible devices flawlessly.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN can unblock most of the US-only video streaming services including Hulu, HBO Max, Netflix, and so on.

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The Challenge: World Championship


Paramount Plus doesn’t have all the episodes of The Challenge because of ViacomCBS’s licensing rules. ViacomCBS is the parent company of Showtime, MTV, CBS, VH1, and Paramount Plus.

This parent company mainly provides licensing broadcast and streaming rights to the child networks such as Paramount Plus to generate revenue. So, Paramount Plus does not get all the streaming right to show all The Challenge episodes among other streaming networks.

The Challenge contestants battle against each other through several extreme challenges to escape disqualification. The winners of the last and final challenge win the whole competition and get to share a huge amount of prize money ($500,000).

You can watch The Challenge: World championship live on Paramount Plus by getting its Premium Plan subscription. You can either get the Paramount Plus Premium plan for $10/month or Essential Plan for $5/month.

You will be able to stream the on-demand The Challenge: World Championship the next day.

Wrap Up

Here ends our guide on where and how to watch The Challenge: World Championship in New Zealand.

This highly anticipated show is going to premiere this Wednesday, 8th March 2023. Of course, you will get in trouble accessing The Challenge in Paramount Plus from New Zealand. Luckily, ExpressVPN is there for you to save the day and unblock all sorts of restrictions outside the USA!

After accessing the US Paramount Plus in NZ, you can even access popular shows including Star Trek: Picard (season 3), The Lingo season 1, and live broadcasts of many TV channels. Happy watching!

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