How to Watch The Hype Season 2 in New Zealand

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The popular TV series The Hype will premiere its second season on September 22, 2022, and you can watch The Hype Season 2 in New Zealand. New episodes will be broadcast on HBO Max, but its services are geo-restricted outside the US due to licensing rights. However, the best NZ VPN can help you watch The Hype season 2 on HBO Max.

Watch The Hype Season 2 in New Zealand – Quick Steps

You’ll find these quick steps very helpful to watch The Hype Season 2 in New Zealand:

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install the VPN app on your device.
  • Connect to a server in the USA.
  • Open the HBO Max website and search for The Hype.
  • Connect VPN and watch The Hype on HBO Max.

What is the plot of The Hype Show?

The plot of The Hype Show is about Twelve upcoming streetwear designers who compete in the series to show off their innovative creations and grit in business. The goal is to establish its brand as the next big thing in fashion and deserving of the hype.

Special guests including DJ Khaled, Law Roach, 24KGoldn, Dapper Dan, Bobby Hundreds, Angelo Baque, Rhuigi, Blacc Sam, Paul Rodriguez, BH, and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander will make appearances throughout the season.

As revealed in the trailer, Offset will also host some special guest stars as his kids show up with him in a particular episode. Furthermore, Speedy will be back to host the eight-episode second season of the reality TV show.

When will The Hype Season 2 be released on HBO Max?

The Hype Season 2 release date on HBO Max is the 22nd of September 2022. The first three episodes of season two of the Max Original streetwear competition series The Hype will air on Thursday, September 22, followed by three more on September 29 and the final two on October 6.

In order to prove their brand is the future of fashion and deserving of the buzz, up-and-coming streetwear innovators compete for a career-changing Co-Sign and a $150,000 cash prize by elevating their innovative ideas and tenacity as business people.

How many episodes does The Hype Season 2 have?

There are 8 episodes in season 2 of The Hype TV fashion show. The Hype is a competition series that takes place in the converging realms of business, culture, and streetwear.

Fashion visionaries must now step up their designs and business acumen in order to stay in business while maintaining their sense of style. Ten streetwear experts will engage in competitions to demonstrate their creative abilities and insights, and eventually craft the idea.

Every episode will have special advice and takeaways on the complexities of fashion design, the industry, and the ability to spot the newest trends, as well as mentorship for the contestants.

The Hype Season 2 Host

The Hype Season 2 host is Speedy Morman. This competitive TV series is hosted by Speedy Morman and stars Co-Signers Offset, Bephie Birkett, and Marni Senofonte. It promises to reveal the vision of streetwear and select the next brand deserving of the hype.

A wide range of special guests, including DJ Khaled, Law Roach, Angelo Baque, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander among others will appear in the TV series.The Hype is produced by the Emmy(R) Award-winning team at Scout Productions.

The Max Original series Legendary, which was nominated for an Emmy(R) Award and widely commended, is overseen by executive producers David Collins, Rob Eric, and Michael Williams.

The Hype Season 2 Judges

The Judges of Hype Season 2 are Offset, Bephie Birkett, and Marni Senofonte. Host Speedy Morman is back with co-signers Offset, a Grammy Award-winning recording artist and designer; Bephie Birkett, the creative director and founder of Bephies Beauty Supply; and Marni Senofonte, a well-known stylist and nominee for an Emmy(R) Award.

The panel of judges will examine the distinctive DNA of the competing streetwear designs, blending fashion, music, art, and lifestyle to improve the concept of a “runway” and the synergy between art and business.

Who is in the cast of The Hype Season 2?

The cast of The Hype Season 2 will feature special guests including DJ Khaled, Law Roach, Dapper Dan, 24KGoldn, Rhuigi, Angelo Baque, Bobby Hundreds, Blacc Sam, Paul Rodriguez, BH, and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

These people will all make appearances throughout the season. As the series premiers, more information on designers who would be participating in the show would be revealed.

Who are the designers on The Hype?

The Hype designers season 2 are yet to be disclosed. However, for the last season, the Hype season 2 contestants who participated are listed as follows:

  • Justin Mensinger
  • Camila Romero
  • Alan King
  • Blu boy
  • Kai Nguyen
  • Caroline Bentley Noble
  • Murph
  • Front Paije
  • Jolleson

Who are the cosigners on The Hype?

The cosigners on The Hype season 2 are Offset, Bephie Birkett, and Marni Senofonte. The series presents three co-signers (acting as the judges), including the Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist and designer, Offset; Bephie Birkett, co-owner and creative director of iconic streetwear store Union.

The renowned fashion stylist Marni Senofonte, who’s collaborated with Beyoncé and designed outfits for Kendall Jenner, makes the third co-signer acting as judge in season 2 of The Hype TV series.

The co-signers evaluate each week how successfully the participants met the challenge while keeping to their design concept by mentoring and critiquing their work. Offset, Bephie, and Marni were interviewed so that we could learn more about The Hype and how to succeed in the streetwear industry.

Who is the winner of The Hype Season 1?

The Hype Season 1 winner is Justin. He deserved the title. Justin produced consistently excellent, distinctive work throughout The Hype. It is well earned for him to have won the competition overall and received a proposal for a working relationship from Bobby Hundreds.

We anticipate seeing him more in the future, possibly even on a further season of The Hype, if Speedy’s offer to Justin and Kai to appear as guests in a subsequent episode is anything to go by.

But in the meantime, watching the interview with Justin to learn more about his design philosophy and how he got started is very important to better understand how the young man rose to victory.

What is the prize money of the streetwear competition series The Hype?

The prize money of The Hype streetwear competition series is $150,000. The upcoming streetwear designers compete for a life-changing Co-Sign and a $150,000 cash prize by elevating their innovative designs and business skills to demonstrate that their brand is the future of fashion and deserving of the hype.

What Else do we know about The Hype show?

The Hype immerses viewers in the cutting-edge world of streetwear, pushing the creativity and resilience of aspiring visionary designers to the ultimate test. The designers must produce ready-to-wear items that balance art and business while remaining true to their vision.

While doing this, they compete for a chance at a career-changing co-sign, a $150,000 cash prize, and have their designs sold exclusively on StockX, the leading platform for trading and consuming contemporary culture.

Is there any trailer for The Hype Season 2?

Yes, there’s the trailer of The Hype season 2. The first season of the ongoing game show The Hype debuted in 2021. The Hype TV series is created by Rachelle Mendez and Ramy Romany is the director. The show is funded by This is Story, Scout Productions, and HBO Films.

The first season comprised eight episodes. The creators of the show have stated that season 2 would exclusively debut its episodes on HBO on September 22 in accordance with the peculiarity of the series.

What is the Recommended VPN to Watch The Hype Season 2 in New Zealand?

ExpressVPN is the recommended VPN to watch The Hype season 2 in New Zealand. It has very reliable and fast servers that can give you the perfect streaming experience without any buffering. ExpressVPN also has several servers situated across prominent countries around the world to ensure reliable coverage.

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What Should I Watch on HBO Max in New Zealand (September 2022)?

There’s lots of new exciting content coming to watch on HBO Max in New Zealand, but since the platform is geo-restricted, you will be required to have a reliable VPN first to access HBO Max in New Zealand.

So, what’s new on HBO Max in September 2022? Following are the events, movies, and shows that are new on HBO Max in New Zealand in September 2022:


Where can I watch The Hype in New Zealand?

You can watch The Hype on HBO Max in New Zealand. However, you need ExpressVPN to help you bypass the geo-restrictions on HBO Max.

Where is The Hype filmed?

The Hype TV series was filmed in locations in Los Angeles.

Will The Hype have a Season 2?

Yes, The Hype will have its season 2 debut on HBO Max on the 22nd of September 2022.


ExpressVPN is the fastest and easiest way to watch The Hype Season 2 in New Zealand. You must follow the steps outlined above to watch The Hype in New Zealand and catch up with every episode of this TV series on HBO Max.

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