How to Watch The Newsreader in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer

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Still baffled by the query, can I watch The Newsreader in New Zealand? Of course, you can, as long as you have ExpressVPN. This strong VPN can be understood as a secret tunnel that ensures safe browsing from prying eyes. Thanks to the mercy of ExpressVPN, you can easily watch The Newsreader in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer.

From intriguing content to different generic shows, BBC iPlayer is the best entertaining platform you could have requested. However, one drawback to this streaming platform is its availability only exclusive to the people of the UK. Thankfully, the good news is you can still watch BBC iPlayer in New Zealand without getting affected by these geo-limitations.

The Newsreader is known to shed light on its main characters’ lives, Helen Norville and Dale Jennings, as they were reporting on the aftermath of the Challenger disaster that shook the world as a space exploration shuttle exploded within 73 seconds of its launch. As the series continues, the chaos will rise to an unbearable height, yet mouthwatering action is guaranteed.

For your assistance, we have compiled a few points, eliciting the unblocking steps of BBC iPlayer and how you can watch The Newsreader in New Zealand for free on BBC iPlayer with the help of ExpressVPN.

How to Watch The Newsreader in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer? [Quick Steps]

You wouldn’t have thought that unblocking BBC iPlayer wouldn’t be as easy as ABC. Much fantasized with the thought already? Here is how you can watch The Newsreader in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer.

  • You must first begin by signing up for a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Next, download its application on your device.
  • You must then connect to a UK server (preferably Docklands server).
  • Visit the website of the online platform, i.e. BBC iPlayer.
  • Look out for Newsreader in the search query to acquire access to watch The Newsreader in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer.

When is The Newsreader Series 2 be released?

The Newsreader Series 2 will be released very soon as September has already begun, and the show is set to be premiered on 10th September 2023. So, amp your TV lounge and get ready to watch The Newsreader on BBC iPlayer in New Zealand on that appealing lounge that has been calling you since then.

With the release of The Newsreader season 1, which premiered on 15 August 2021, the audiences couldn’t hold their breath for the release of its following season due to the crowd-pleasing cast and heavily streamed season 1.

Where can you watch The Newsreader?

Where to watch The Newsreader: Season 2? You can watch The Newsreader on BBC iPlayer for free. You don’t have to worry about BBC iPlayer free trial as it is a free-to-stream service.

No wonder you were missing out on the access to watch The Newsreader online free. But now, since you have got it all, just ring in your friends, invite them over for a movie night, and enjoy watching your favorite seasons!

Besides, later this autumn, you can also catch the brilliant series of The Newsreader on BBC Two, but since you have already acquired access to BBC iPlayer, it will be easier to unblock restrictions.

On top of the line, we have streamlined great shows like watch Normal People in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer, for you to continue your entertainment ride until September 10.

What is The Newsreader about?

The Newsreader – Season 2 (2023) on BBC iPlayer is all about the lives of Helen Norville and Dale Jennings. As the story unwinds and takes several tumultuous turns, the golden couple, known for their resonance and excellent reporting skills, has several complexities in their real lives.

As they are now been known more like celebrities, you will get an insight into intensifying office politics and ruthless policymakers. The show will further reveal the bitter truth of 1986 to 1987, in which Australia is all prepared to celebrate its Bicentennial year.

Season 1 of The Newsletter is an Australian-based TV series reflecting the chaos of the lives of Helen Norville and Dale Jennings as they report together about a tragic incident in 1986 of a space shuttle explosion within just 73 seconds of its launch.

You can definitely secure a BBC iPlayer subscription to watch The Newsreader: Season 1. Series 1 is a must-watch if you need a dose of 1980s nostalgia that is equally warm and has received much customer appreciation because of its stellar cast and tremendous storyline.

How many seasons of The Newsreader are there?

The fan-favorite season 1 of The Newsletter continued for six top-rated episodes. However, with season 2 banging on your door, mouthwatering entertainment, terrific action, and intense chaos will continue to stream on your screens for six weeks, the details of which are enclosed in the table below:

Episode Count Episode Name Episode release date
1 Decision 87 Sep 10, 2023
2 People Like You and Me Sep 17, 2023
3 Greed and Fear Sep 24, 2023
4 The Hungry Truth Sep 30, 2023
5  A Model Daughter Oct 6, 2023
6 Fireworks Oct 13, 2023

Who stars in The Newsreader Series 2?

If you have already binge-watched Season 1, you must have an idea about the cast of The Newsreader Series 2. But if you haven’t watched and are waiting to watch The Newsreader Series 2 to gain further insights into the cast of season 2, we will help you subside your curiosity with the comprehensive table below:

Actors Roles played in
Anna Torv Helen Norville
William McInnes Lindsay Cunningham
Robert Taylor Geoff Walters
Sam Reid Dale Jennings
Marg Downey Evelyn Walters
Caroline Lee Jean
Chum Ehelepola Dennis Tibb
Michelle Lim Davidson Noelene Kim
Chai Hansen Tim Ahern
Stephen Peacocke Rob Rickards

Is there a trailer for The Newsreader?

With the exciting cast, stellar plot, and hyped season 1, are you already pumped to watch The Newsreader Season 2 online? Let’s take your excitement to another level with a sneak peek into the electrifying trailer attached below:

Since you’ve already got the trick to watch The Newsreader for free, you better start availing the service right away to turn your boring life into a happening one!

ExpressVPN: Fastest VPN to Watch The Newsreader in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer

ExpressVPN is the only unblocking VPN service to date whose popularity has been continuously rising to unimaginable heights. The seamless connection of ExpressVPN can now be accessed on multiple screening devices, thanks to ExpressVPN and its accessibility option of eight simultaneous devices.

This proactive VPN has all that you were looking for in an ideal unblocking connection, such as tremendous speed, gregarious server count, unbelievable HD experience, and stern security attributes that will shield your server from hacker invasion and provide you with an enchanted experience to watch The Newsreader in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer. You can also access to watch BBC Bitesize a solid educational stuff offered on BBC iPlayer for any age group.

For a smooth and unobstructed streaming experience, the average speed of 89.78 Mbps on a 100 Mbps line is enough to get past severe limitations and allow ceaseless streaming of BBC iPlayer. So you can seamlessly access the library of iPlayer such as Pretty Little Liars and watch Mastermind in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer.

ExpressVPN has weaved the globe in its web of servers with as many as 3000+ servers you can easily unblock content from more than 105 countries. Wembley, East London, London, and Docklands are some of the many branching servers aiding users to access UK localized streaming shows.


ExpressVPN Lets You Watch The Newsreader on BBC iPlayer

To help mitigate hacker attacks and user data leakage, ExpressVPN introduces several of the security features, Split Tunneling, Kill Switch, and Lightway Protocol, ensuring protection and a safe browsing experience at all times. So enjoy watching The Dumping Ground in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer without any security concerns.

Previously, users had to subscribe to different unblocking servers to initiate streaming on different operating systems.

On the contrary, because of the MediaStreamer feature of ExpressVPN, streaming operations are now possible on eclectic types of operating systems like Windows, MacOS, Linux, Chrome OS, or gadgets of different formats, routers, Smart TVs, Xbox, or gaming consoles.

All these and many more perks can be availed for just NZ$10.91/mo (US$ 6.67/mo)- Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free. Why wait now when you can subscribe at the earliest and enjoy watching Colosseum and Steve and Aneeshwar Go Wild until the premiere date of The Newsreader season 2?

Is any other evidence needed to claim ExpressVPN as the best BBC iPlayer VPN? Certainly not; all this evidence has guaranteed that this trespassing VPN is practically the excellent VPN to unblock geo-restricted content with affordable and reliable connections.

Besides, our customer service representatives are responsive throughout the 24-hour tenure.

The Newsreader

What Programmes can I watch on BBC iPlayer?

Since BBC iPlayer is home to a massive library of captivating content, but if you’re still confused, delve into the following table and choose any of the shows; we won’t judge you even if you are on a mission to binge-watch them all, after all, we all have guilty pleasures, don’t we?

Sherlock All Seasons Millie Inbetween
Murder Trial The Girl, The Ghost and the Gravestone
England vs New Zealand T20 International Boot Dreams


The creation of The Newsreader by the creative creators Michael Lucas and Joanna Werner, along with the direction of Emma Freeman, the series became the consumer’s favorite within no time. The writers, Michael Lucas, Jonathan Gavin, Niki Aken, and Kim Ho, have tried to make the plot as exciting and thrilling as possible. The beauty of Melbourne further amplifies the overall ambiance of the series.
Thoughtfully, The Newsreader is one of the finest TV series on BBC iPlayer. Everything is accurate and to die for, as it beautifully weaves together the stellar cast, intriguing beginning, and powerful performances. Each and every episode will hook you down the runtime, and we bet you would be coerced to not even take a single break in between.
From the plot to the colorful characters of The Newsreader, everything is purely fictional, and nothing is based on a true story. If you are too curious to know, watch The Newsreader in New Zealand for Free on BBC iPlayer to resolve your query.
A 7.7 rating out of 10 for The Newsreader is not bad; in fact, with such a sophisticated rating, you must hurry, grab some popcorn, and watch The Newsreader online free.

Wrap Up

With the precise yet enthralling info, just like you, we’re all waiting at the edge of our seats to watch The Newsreader in New Zealand on BBC iPlayer as it premieres on 10 September 2023.

To watch this eagerly captivating series, it’s better you prep up by downloading ExpressVPN and get hold of these nasty restrictions to unblock BBC iPlayer soon. In time, you will be all decked up with your favorite meal to enjoy the thought-provoking series!

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