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Are you in New Zealand and eager to watch The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) on Paramount Plus in New Zealand? Sadly, Paramount Plus is geo-restricted and is not available in New Zealand. However, by using a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN, Kiwis can enjoy the amazing Paramount+ content on Paramount Plus in NZ without any hassle.

As the logo suggests, Paramount Plus is a mountain of entertainment that comprises different genres, including drama, movies, docuseries, reality TV shows, and many more. The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) is an action and comedy-packed Kids and family movie on Paramount Plus, that revolves around the story of 4 Penguins, named Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private.

The movie is going to be released on Paramount Plus on June 21, 2023. Continue reading our guide to explore the details of the Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) regarding the Awarad date, where to watch, and even catch a glimpse of the Penguins of Madagascar trailer for a preview of the series.

So, without any further ado, let’s find out the details of the Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) on Paramount Plus.

How to WatchThe Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) on Paramount Plus in New Zealand – (Quick Guide)

To watch The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) on Paramount Plus in New Zealand, you need to get an ExpressVPN subscription: Follow these quick steps and you are good to go;

  • Sign up for ExpressVPN and download the app on your preferred device.
  • Launch the ExpressVPN app and log in using your credentials.
  • Connect to a recommended server in the United States. We recommend connecting with the New York server.
  • Visit the Paramount Plus website or use the Paramount Plus app on your device.
  • Sign in to your Paramount Plus account or subscribe if you don’t have one already.
  • Now you can watch The Penguins of Madagascar 2 on Paramount Plus in New Zealand!

Please note that a US Paramount Plus subscription is required to watch The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) on Paramount Plus in New Zealand. New Paramount+ subscribers are eligible to get a 7-day Paramount Plus free trial.

Where can I watch The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1)?

The Penguin of Madagascar complete series can be watched easily on Paramount Plus in New Zealand by usingExpressVPN

Other than Paramount Plus, you can easily watch The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) on;

  1. Amazon Prime Video: Another platform where you can watch “The Penguins of Madagascar” is Amazon Prime Video. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can stream the show as part of your Prime Video library.
  2. iTunes: Individual episodes or the entire Season 1 of Madagascar Penguins show can be purchased or rented from iTunes. This allows you to own or rent the show digitally and watch it at your convenience.
  3. Google Play: Similar to iTunes, you can find “The Penguins of Madagascar” on the Google Play store. You have the option to buy or rent the episodes or the entire season and watch it on supported devices.

Paramount Plus is the most recommended streaming service to watch The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) in New Zealand. Get a Paramount Plus subscription by selecting one of the most affordable Paramount Plus Cost. Once you get the Paramount+ subscription, you can easily watch The Penguins of Madagascar season 3.

The streaming service provides complete freedom to its clients to cancel Paramount Plus subscriptions, whenever they feel they don’t want it anymore.

When is The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) Coming on Paramount Plus?

The Penguins of Madagascar season 01 is set to arrive on Paramount Plus on June 21, 2023. Mark your calendars for this date to catch the hilarious and adventurous escapades of Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private as they navigate the Central Park Zoo in their unique and comical way.

Don’t forget to subscribe to ExpressVPN to watch The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) on Paramount Plus in New Zealand. Through an ExpressVPN subscription, you can also watch the Wolf Pack series  and VH1 Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop (Season 1) on Paramount Plus.

Cast of The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1)

Here is a table showcasing the main cast of The Penguins of Madagascar full episodes season 1:

Character Voice Actor
Skipper Tom McGrath
Kowalski Jeff Bennett
Rico John DiMaggio
Private James Patrick Stuart
King Julien Danny Jacobs
Maurice Kevin Michael Richardson
Mort Andy Richter
Marlene Nicole Sullivan
Officer X Conrad Vernon
Dr. Blowhole Neil Patrick Harris


How many episodes of The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) are there?

The Penguins of Madagascar season 1 DVD consists of a total of 31 episodes. Here is a detailed list of the episodes:

Episode Number Episode Title Air Date Episode Description
S1E1 Gone in a Flash 15 Jun. 2009 In The Penguins of Madagascar Season 1 Episode 1, the Penguins search for a new snack supply after losing access to their favorite one. Meanwhile, Julien and Maurice fight over a camera that falls from the sky.
S1E2 Launch time/Haunted Habitat 28 Mar. 2009 The penguins decide to take a vacation on the Moon to escape Julien’s annoying presence. Once there, they meet a “moon cat” with strange plans.
S1E3 Operation: Plush and Cover 30 Mar. 2009 When stuffed Mort dolls become popular, Julien gets jealous and has them recalled. Unfortunately, the real Mort is accidentally sent back to the factory. Meanwhile, the zoo animals celebrate “King Julien Day” with candy.
S1E4 Happy King Julien Day! 31 Mar. 2009 The penguins and other zoo animals have daily adventures in New York’s Central Park Zoo.
S1E5 Paternal Egg-Stinct 1 Apr. 2009 Marlene discovers a lost egg and asks the penguins to care for it. However, Julien is jealous and wants to raise the egg to be his second in command.
S1E6 Assault and Batteries 2 Apr. 2009 Marlene discovers a lost egg and thinks the penguins would be perfect egg watchers. In another adventure, Skipper steals Julien’s radio batteries, leading to a chase that ends in a kangaroo pen.
S1E7 Penguiner Takes All 6 Apr. 2009 Julien mocks Skipper for refusing to compete against the lemurs in a game of Capture the Flag. When Skipper finally agrees to play, the penguins keep losing, resulting in the lemurs winning and taking their possessions.
S1E8 Two Feet High and Rising 7 Apr. 2009 The penguins compete against the lemurs in a game of Capture the Flag but mysteriously keep losing to them.
S1E9 Tangled in the Web 8 Apr. 2009 Private accidentally becomes an internet star when the zoo installs webcams. Meanwhile, Skipper accidentally causes Julien to lose his beloved crown, leading to a dangerous mission to retrieve it from the sewer.
S1E10 Crown Fools 9 Apr. 2009 The zoo installs webcams, and Private becomes an internet star. Skipper accidentally knocks Julien’s crown into the sewer.
S1E11 The Hidden/Kingdom Come 18 Apr. 2009 Marlene goes missing, and the penguins and lemurs attempt to rescue her but end up being taken as well. Maurice is left in charge while Julien is taken to the zoo infirmary for acting strangely.
S1E12 Little Zoo Coupe/All Choked Up 25 Apr. 2009 The penguins and lemurs compete in a race around the zoo. The penguins use a souped-up car, and the lemurs use Alice’s zoo cart. The winner gets to keep the loser’s vehicle.
S1E13 Popcorn Panic 9 May 2009 The penguins lose access to their favorite snack, popcorn, leading them to take action to acquire a new supply. Meanwhile, a camera falls from the sky into the lemur habitat, causing Julien and Maurice to argue over who keeps it.
S1E14 Go Fish/Miracle on Ice 30 May 2009 The penguins take matters into their own flippers when the zoo starts feeding them imitation fish cakes. They hatch a plan to hijack a fish delivery truck.
S1E15 Needle Point/Eclipsed 6 Jun. 2009 Skipper’s fear of needles leads to a wild chase after a shot from the vet, while Phil and Mason convince King Julien that the sky spirits are angry during a solar eclipse.
S1E16 Mort Unbound/Roomies 26 Jun. 2009 Mort grows super-big and strong after exposure to a super-ray, but his newfound strength leads to revenge against those who took advantage of him. Meanwhile, the lemurs have a big fight, and Maurice moves out of the habitat.
S1E17 Misfortune Cookie/Lemur See, Lemur Do 1 Aug. 2009 The penguins switch Rico’s gentle brain with Roger’s loose-canon brain to deal with the rats that terrorize Roger. Meanwhile, Julien tries to convince Rico to believe in a freaky fortune from a cookie.
S1E18 Roger Dodger/Skorca! 17 Aug. 2009 The penguins switch Rico’s body with Roger’s to help Roger get rid of rats in his home. Additionally, Private believes he sees a giant orca floating in the sky, but no one believes him.
S1E19 Otter Gone Wild 18 Aug. 2009 Marlene’s behavior becomes wild and uncontrollable when the penguins bring her along on a sno-cone mission outside the zoo. The penguins must capture her before she goes permanently wild.
S1E20 Cat’s Cradle/Monkey Love 20 Aug. 2009 Rico ignores a fortune from his cookie, but Julien thinks Rico needs to believe in the superstition. Phil tries to win the heart of a visiting chimpanzee named Lulu.
S1E21 Tagged 21 Aug. 2009 Private claims to have seen a terrifying sky orca whale, but no one believes him. Meanwhile, the penguins interrupt their operation when a scientist becomes nosy, putting the zoo in danger.
S1E22 What Goes Around/Mask of the Raccoon 19 Sep. 2009 Rico gives up his own doll to replace a little girl’s lost doll. The penguins also confront a raccoon that steals from the zoo animals and take action against it.
S1E23 Out of the Groove/Jungle Law 12 Oct. 2009 Julien is upset when the baboons’ dance routine gains more attention than his own. His attempts to sabotage them backfire, and they steal his “groove.”
S1E24 I Was a Penguin Zombie/Sting Operation 24 Oct. 2009 The team believes Skipper has turned into a zombie after he goes to the vet for treatment. Meanwhile, the penguins must rescue King Julien from their dolphin nemesis, Dr. Blowhole, who plans to destroy the planet.
S1E25 All King, No Kingdom/Untouchable 14 Nov. 2009 The lemurs have a big fight, leading Maurice and Mort to move out of the habitat. A tiny frog with a nasty attitude terrorizes the zoo animals.
S1E26 Miss Understanding/Over Phil 27 Nov. 2009 Alice mentions that one of the penguins is actually female, causing Skipper to question his identity. Mason and Phil have a fight, leading Mason to move in with the penguins.
S1E27 An Elephant Never Forgets/Otter Things Have Happened 5 Dec. 2009 The penguins help Burt the elephant sneak out of the zoo, while Marlene falls in love with a squirrel named Fred at first sight.
S1E28 Zoo Tube/Snakehead! 2 Jan. 2010 The penguins deal with a mysterious situation involving a zoo tube and a snakehead fish.
S1E29 Jiggles 16 Jan. 2010 Kowalski accidentally creates a living blob of jelly named Jiggles, who starts stealing fruit from the other animals. They insist that Jiggles leave the zoo.
S1E30 The Falcon and the Snow Job/The Penguin Stays in the Picture 6 Feb. 2010 Private is torn between his desire to be the zoo cover model and his good heart when Mort goes missing. Meanwhile, Skipper and his team must rescue Julien, who has been taken hostage by Dr. Blowhole.
S1E31 Dr. Blowhole’s Revenge 15 Feb. 2010 Dr. Blowhole seeks revenge on the penguins and takes Julien, hostage, leading Skipper and the team on a mission to rescue him and stop the evil dolphin before he destroys the planet.

Please note that the availability of the episodes may vary depending on the streaming platform or service you use. You can refer to sources such as Google search results, IMDb, or Amazon for more information on where to watch specific episodes of The Penguins of Madagascar complete series DVD.

Is there a trailer for The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1)?

Yes, there is a trailer available for The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1). You can watch the Penguins of Madagascar season 1 episode 1 Dailymotion trailer by clicking on the following link

The trailer provides a sneak peek into the hilarious and adventurous world of the penguin quartet: Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private. These elite undercover operatives from the Central Park Zoo embark on thrilling missions and encounter various challenges along the way.

Watch Penguins of Madagascar season 1 trailer by just clicking on this link;

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to WatchThe Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) on Paramount Plus in New Zealand

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penguin of the madagascar

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The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1)


In “The Penguins of Madagascar Operation Plush and Cover” Rico doesn’t talk for comedic effect and to highlight his unique personality. Instead, he communicates through gestures and his ability to regurgitate objects. The show’s creators made this creative choice to differentiate Rico and add humor to the character.

Skipper is portrayed as the oldest penguin among the main characters of the animated series; The Penguins of Madagascar. Skipper serves as the leader of the penguin team and is known for his experience, wisdom, and strict demeanor. Despite his age, Skipper remains a skilled and resourceful leader, guiding the group through various adventures and challenges.

In the animated series “The Penguins of Madagascar 1,” the age of Rico, the penguin character, is not explicitly mentioned. The show focuses more on the adventures and comedic interactions of the penguin team rather than their specific ages. Rico’s age remains undisclosed throughout the series, allowing viewers to enjoy his unpredictable and entertaining antics without the constraint of a specific age label.

Wrap Up

We hope you find this guide helpful in learning how to watch The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) on Paramount Plus in New Zealand, by using a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN.

We recommend ExpressVPN because it provides a secure and reliable solution for bypassing geo-restrictions and accessing content from anywhere in the world. With its fast and encrypted connections, you can stream your favorite shows and movies with ease.

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