What Channel is Paramount Plus on DIRECTV in New Zealand? (Updated Guide)

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Paramount Plus has been delivering an unparalleled streaming experience that ignites the senses and captivates the imagination. The question resonates: “What Channel is Paramount Plus on DIRECTV in New Zealand?” The answer lies within Channel 241, where the gateway to boundless entertainment awaits.

Unfortunately, DirecTV is geo-restricted to USA, therefore to watch Paramount Plus on DirecTV in countries outside USA like Australia, Germany, UK, Canada, and others you need to get a subscription to a reliable VPN-ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN allows you to access the complete library of Paramount Plus in New Zealand.

But a query emerges: What channel number is Paramount Plus on DirecTV? While the Paramount Channel introduces viewers to a curated selection of paramount shows, Paramount Plus unveils lots of amazing original series, movies, and a library of timeless classics.

Embarking on your paramount journey via DIRECTV is an effortless endeavor. First, navigate to Channel 241, your portal to the Paramount universe. To access the full library of Paramount Plus magic, DirectTV has paved the way. Read on to learn more

What Channel is Paramount Plus on DIRECTV in New Zealand: City Wise Channel Listings on DIRECTV

People are wondering What Channel is Paramount Plus on DIRECTV in New Zealand? Sadly, due to content licensing policies, DirecTV can only be accessible in the USA. However, by using a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN you can easily circumvent the geo-restrictions and can watch Paramount Plus on DirecTV In New zealand. Navigating entertainment just got easier with the Paramount channel on the DIRECTV schedule and channel guide. Here are your city’s tailored channel listings, ensuring you never miss a moment of your favorite shows and movies.

Location Channel Location Channel
San Diego 241 New Orleans 241
Sacramento 241 Boston 241
Los Angeles 241 Baltimore 241
San Francisco 241 Detroit 241
Denver 241 Minneapolis 241
Washington DC 241 St. Louis 241
Orlando 241 Charlotte 241
Tampa 241 Omaha 241
Miami 241 Albuquerque 241
Atlanta 241 Las Vegas 241
Honolulu 241 New York 241
Chicago 241 Columbus 241
Kansas City 241 Oklahoma City 241
Seattle 241 Portland 241
Dallas 241 Philadelphia 241
Austin 241 Nashville 241
El Paso 241 Memphis 241
Houston 241 San Antonio 241

Can DIRECTV customers access Paramount Channel for free in New Zealand?

Is Paramount Plus free with DIRECTV? The Paramount Channel comes as part of DIRECTV’s “Choice” and higher programming packages. If you’re subscribed to any of these packages, you can enjoy the Paramount Plus free trial without any extra charges.

If you’re unsure about your specific DIRECTV programming package, you can verify it by reviewing the channel lineup on the official DIRECTV website or by reaching out to DIRECTV customer service.

Keep in mind that channel availability on DIRECTV might differ based on your location. You can also get similar content when you use the Paramount Plus app and you will no longer worry about what channel is 1883 on DIRECTV.

What Channel is Paramount Plus on DIRECTV in New Zealand? To know more about the cost of Paramount Plus, check out our blog on how much is Paramount Plus. Remember, to cancel Paramount Plus, you don’t need to pay a dime.

How to Find Paramount Plus on DIRECTV in New Zealand?

Do you know What Channel is Paramount Plus on DIRECTV in New Zealand? Navigating the numerous entertainment networks can pose a challenge when it comes to finding the Paramount Plus channel.

With a multitude of networks hosting numerous channels, pinpointing the right one might seem like a puzzle especially if you want to watch your favorite content like Zoey 102, or El Tigre The Adventures of Manny Rivera Season 1.

However, fear not – DIRECTV provides tools to simplify your search so that you don’t get confused about what to watch. Use the Channel Guide’s search functionality, allowing you to swiftly Find the Paramount channel.

Alternatively, improve your device’s channel filtering capabilities for a speedy route to Paramount Plus. It’s worth noting that the Paramount channel consistently resides on channel 241 for all DIRECTV subscribers, regardless of your subscription tier.

Whether you’re on the basic satellite cable plan or enjoying the full spectrum of premium channels and features, the Paramount Plus channel maintains its steadfast spot at 241, ensuring seamless access to your preferred content.

How do I add Paramount Plus to DIRECTV in New Zealand?

Do you know What Channel is Paramount Plus on DIRECTV in New Zealand? Feel free to contact DIRECTV directly to gather information about your existing plan and package options that encompass the Paramount Channel you’re interested in so that you can have access to shows like Special Ops Lioness.

If your current DIRECTV subscription lacks the Paramount Channel, the DIRECTV team can guide you through suitable choices to include it. It’s worth noting that, despite sharing a parent corporation, Paramount and Paramount Plus remain distinct entities.

Where is the Paramount Plus channel?

You can activate a Paramount Plus subscription alongside your existing DIRECTV satellite TV plan. To do this, you might require a streaming device that is compatible with Paramount Plus.

If you currently enjoy satellite television through DIRECTV and wish to include Paramount Plus, you have a few avenues to explore. You can use your smartphone or computer browser to seamlessly integrate Paramount Plus into your subscription plan.

If you want to know What Channel is Paramount Plus on DIRECTV in New Zealand? you have the option to directly contact DIRECTV support via phone, where a representative will guide you through the process of adding Paramount Plus to your streaming services, which are conveniently provided by DIRECTV.

Where can you access Paramount+? Quick Guide

Paramount+ first launched in countries like Latin America, Canada, and the US. In Latin America, accessible countries include Argentina, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, and Venezuela.

Moreover, Paramount+ is available in regions such as Hungary, Russia, South Korea, Italy, Germany, Australia, the Caribbean, France, the UK, Ireland, Austria, and Switzerland. This way you can always enjoy amazing shows like Secret Celebrity Renovation Season 3.

It has also found its way to the Middle East and South Korea. In the coming year, India is set to welcome Paramount+.

However, for areas where Paramount+ is not directly accessible, there’s an effective workaround. ExpressVPN, the best VPN for Paramount Plus, can come to the rescue so that you can enjoy the DIRECTV Paramount channel Yellowstone.
By using ExpressVPN, you can mask your geographical location, enabling access to Paramount+ from regions where it’s currently unavailable. This means you can enjoy the full spectrum of Paramount+ content regardless of your physical location.

Whether you’re in a region where Paramount+ has yet to arrive or you simply want to broaden your entertainment horizon, ExpressVPN provides a reliable solution to unlock Paramount+ and enjoy content like PGA Tour 3M Open Third and Final Round Coverage.


Yes, Yellowstone can be streamed via Peacock with a subscription, accessed on DirectTV with a fee, and bought or rented on platforms like Amazon, Apple TV, and Google Play Movies.

Also, you can catch it on Paramount Network with a cable subscription or through On Demand services.

There are 33 channels available on the Paramount Plus essential plan. The premium plan includes all the channels in the essential plan but with fewer ads and local CBS networks

Wrap Up!

Discovering the channel for Paramount Plus on DIRECTV in New Zealand has become a seamless journey. However, for those who want to relish its offerings from anywhere on the globe, a VPN can be your key to unlocking limitless content.

ExpressVPN stands as a trustworthy companion, effortlessly allowing you to bypass geographical boundaries and immerse yourself in Paramount Plus’ captivating world.

You don’t have to worry about What Channel is Paramount Plus on DIRECTV in New Zealand? thanks to the seamless magic of ExpressVPN.

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